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Release notes Workspace 365 v3.40.0

Workspace 365 v3.40.0 is here and was deployed on 10-02-2022 between 22:00 PM and 0:00 AM Central European Time. ​Below a roundup of changes for this version.



  • We have added the ‘Department’ property to users in the workspace. When using the Azure AD sync tool, you need to install the new version to activate it.
  • You can now find department information linked to contacts in the Address book, and filter your contacts based on their department.
  • When a user shares a folder or file with you in the workspace, you will get notified in the Activity Feed.
  • When hovering your cursor over the app card title in the app store, we now show a tooltip that displays the full title.
  • In the Vilans KICK Micro App, the document type ‘Werkinstructie’ or ‘Achtergrondinformatie’ is shown as a subtitle.

Technical items

  • We modernised the code base of the SharePoint integration.
  • We include the SharePoint TraceCorrelationId in the error logs.


  • The SharePoint settings could not be saved after defining IP addresses/ranges for Office local apps.
  • The image preview dialog for displaying SharePoint and WebDav images did not have a correct size.
  • App icons for apps in the ‘Add tiles to workspace’ tab did not have correct sizes.
  • Email composer attachments with ‘&’ characters were displayed incorrectly.
  • There was a missing parenthesis in logging the error of getting SharePoint site, when it returned more than one "Unique ID".
  • When selecting a search phrase in the global search functionality, it would close the search box.


  • We have updated the Provisioning API with some minor improvements and documentation.
  • Two lines are reserved for the header title in responsive mode.
  • The native date/time pickers are used on touch devices.