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Change Azure AD tenant with different domain

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If you want to migrate/change a different domain and users with UPN ( to a new Azure AD tenant (, there are a few things to consider/update on the Workspace side. 

  Old New

Azure AD tenant

Azure AD domain


Workspace 365 url





  1. Make sure you have set up the new Azure AD with all the users present with the new domain and email address (UPN).
  2. The synctool can be used to automatically update/sync the users (or the UPN of these users need to be updated in the database, however this is a last resort solution).
    Make sure you have the following in place:
    • Old domain (e.g.
    • New domain (e.g.
    • Tenant URL (e.g.
      (If you are a Self-hosted partner you could update this yourself. If you are a Hosted partner, contact us).
  3. Make sure the Primary admin (the one who created/registered Workspace) has a mailbox enabled.
  4. RequestEmergencyAdminAccess with the primary admin in the Workspace.
  5. Follow the email flow and configure Single Sign-On.
  6. After you have setup Single Sign-On remove/cleanup the old Azure AD tenant.

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