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VMware Horizon is a virtualization platform which allows organizations to manage access to their files, desktops and applications on a virtual infrastructure and does not require any local resources to run these applications or desktops.

We have created an integration with VMware Horizon. The tile can be added to your Workspace, providing you quick and easy access to individual published applications or desktops.

Depending on the requirements of your organization, you can decide how you want to launch these applications or desktops depending on the availability of the native VMware Horizon client. It is compatible with our Single Sign-On (SSO) experience if a Unified Access Gateway and an enrolment server are configured.



  • VMware Horizon Connection Server 7.11 or higher (Version 8.2 has been tested).
  • Both Workspace 365 and VMware resources must be connected to the same Microsoft Entra ID (previously called Azure AD).
  • Azure AD Connect (not mandatory, but does make things easier).

Note: For true SSO to work, the following components are also required:

  • VMware Unified Access Gateway version 3.8 or higher.
  • VMware Enrolment server.
To enable True SSO, please follow the configuration steps provided in this article.

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Step 1. Configure the app

  1. Go to the App store (click on the waffle icon or '+Add tiles').
  2. Make sure that Manage apps is selected.
  3. Click Add new app.
  4. Search for the VMware Horizon app.
  5. Click Add.

  6. You can change the logo and app color, provide a recognizable app name and decide whether to open the VMware Horizon app in the current window or in a new window (destination).
  7. To enable users to launch desktops and applications from VMware Horizon, we need to connect VMware Horizon to Workspace 365. In the background, this connection is based on deep linking which is why we require a couple of values to construct the deep link URL.
    • VMware portal URL (UAG portal URL if True SSO is required).
    • VMware application name.
      The VMware application name must be identical to how the application or desktop is named in the VMware Horizon admin portal. Keep in mind that the VMware app name is capital sensitive.
    • Apptype (Application or Desktop).
    • Client type:
      • Web (HTML5 access in web browser).
      • Native Client Web (initiation via web browser).
      • Native Client Protocol handler (for direct access to native client).
  8. You can also determine who has access to the VMware Horizon app tile and who will become app owner.
  9. Click Save when you're done. 

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Step 2. Activate the app

When you're done configuring the app, you can add it from the App store to your Workspace.

  1. Click +Add tiles in the upper left corner.
  2. Search for the VMware Horizon app you just created.
  3. Select the app and add it to your Workspace, either to a new or existing group. 


  4. Once added to Workspace, you can right-click the app to edit the desired app setting.

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