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Migrate to MS Graph


Azure AD Graph has been on a deprecation path since June 30, 2020, and will be retired in the near future as Microsoft will move all investments to Microsoft Graph. After the retirement, your apps will receive error responses from the Azure AD Graph endpoint.

In the upcoming Workspace release (V3.43.0), you will have the possibility to migrate to Microsoft Graph. This can be done under the Single Sign-On settings page. 


Migrate to MS Graph

Before you follow the steps below, disable MFA for your administrator account first.
  • Navigate the the SSO settings page.
  • Click "Click here to update the single sign-on app". 


  • Fill in the password of the Primary Administrator account.
  • Click "Update single sign-on app".


  • Successful? You can grant admin consent for the permissions within the application.
  • Unsuccessful? Update the SSO app registration in Azure manually (click here for instructions) and click "Verify" when you're done.

succesful.PNG update_failed.PNG


User impact

Azure AD Graph is deprecated but won't be retired on June 30, 2022 as previously announced. Microsoft will delay the retirement date through at least the end of this year, 2022However, we advise our partners to update the app when possible to avoid loss of functionality in the future.

Are you running the Azure AD synctool older than version 3.1? Take into account these permissions also need to be updated to MS Graph.

Any questions? You can submit a ticket via our Support Portal.