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Release notes Workspace 365 v3.43.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.43.0 was deployed on 21-04-2022 between 22:00 PM and 0:00 AM Central European Time. 



  • We are happy to release the responsive design of the Email app. On smaller screens, when opening the Email app, you will see a list of emails. When clicking an email, you will navigate to another page where you can read the email. New emails can easily be created from the floating action button at the bottom right. The folder sidebar is collapsed by default and can be opened from the red button in the action bar. Smart mobile gestures are implemented, such as long-pressing an email which will activate the edit mode (showing checkboxes) in the email list.
  • Due to deprecation on the Microsoft side, you will need to update your SSO app in Microsoft Azure AD by June. It’s now possible to start an (automatic) update flow from the Single sign-on settings page in the workspace.
  • We now have a generic sidebar design throughout the workspace. The design is based on the styling used in the dialogs of the Announcements, Address Book and app store.
  • For self-hosted partners, it’s now possible to clear the cache for a single environment.

Technical items

  • We modernised the editor in the ‘Edit announcement’ dialog.
  • We fixed the cleaning of old activities in scenarios where the database would have the incorrect collation.


  • We fixed that the user could see a 500 page error when being prompted to configure the file server integration credentials.
  • We have fixed the hover styles of a select component with a placeholder.
  • We fixed a styling issue of the avatar component where some avatars were not round anymore when decreasing the screen width.
  • An empty table was displayed if there were no TOPdesk connections configured.
  • The styling of search boxes in live tiles was inconsistent with the rest of the product on iOS.
  • We fixed an infinite busy indicator when navigating to the Email app while Exchange was not configured.
  • We fixed an infinite busy indicator when trying to add a configurable tile (e.g., shortcut) without filling in the form fields.
  • We fixed the Zaaksysteem integration to use the correct identifiers.


  • For most components, we now show an overlay menu instead of a dropdown on smaller screens. This vastly improves the user experience because the user can fully focus on the actions.
  • We now only use the vertical form layout throughout the product. This means that form labels are always displayed above the forms itself. Form labels are bold.
  • We changed the name ‘Windows Virtual Desktop’ to ‘Azure Virtual Desktop’ to match new Microsoft branding.
  • On touch devices, after hitting enter in global search, the search box doesn’t stay active, and the keyboard closes.
  • The horizontal tile group scroller is now extended to the screen’s edges, so that the navigation is more fluent.
  • We now show a new design for empty folders and no search results in the Documents and Email app.