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Conditional access on tile groups

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In additional to the option to add conditional access to individual tiles in Workspace 365, it's also possible to set up conditional access for Shared tile groups. This way, Workspace administrators can control access in a more effective and efficient way. Perhaps you want to allow a certain group of people access to a Shared tile group from desktop devices, but deny access from mobile devices and as a consequence hide the tile group from their Workspace. Want to know more? Keep on reading!



Instead of setting conditional access for individual tiles, you can set it for the entire Shared tile group:

  • Click the 'Shared group' icon.


  • Navigate to the Conditional access tab. Here, you can set conditional access based on device, operating system, IP range and/or browser.
  • Click Save to set conditional access for the Shared tile group.
When members of a Shared tile group are denied access based on conditional access rule(s), the group will be hidden from their Workspace.


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