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⚠️Ongoing issue - Creating documents in the Documents App (SharePoint)

Description of issue:

We're currently experiencing an issue on multiple environments that some users are unable to create new documents in SharePoint sites within the Documents App of Workspace365.
The fix for this issue will be released in the next update (3.44)


By making sure that the Language of both the Workspace 365 user and the O365 language of that user are matching. Prevents the issue from happening.
You can change the language in Workspace by:

  1. log in to your workspace environment
  2. Click on your name in the top right of the workspace. Screenshot_2022-05-05_092623.png
  3. Then select the language you are also using in O365.
    Check which language you've configured here and change the language in O365 to the same.

  4. If both are the same you should be able to create documents again.