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What to do when users and/or groups are not being synced from ADD to Workspace as expected?

Keep in mind that:

  • Users from distribution lists and/or mail-enabled security groups cannot be imported. 
  • Users from Nested Groups cannot be imported.

UPN change

Workspace check's for the user's UPN. A change to UPN can cause problems. We recommend keeping the primary SMTP address equal to the user's UPN.

Groups are not syncing as expected

Having both group- and domainfiltering enabled may cause discrepancies in users between your Azure AD and Workspace. For example: user A is included in domain X and group Y. Domain X is being synced, but group Y is not. As a consequence, user A does not sync appropriately. In this case, try to:

  • Disable filtering.
  • Restart the sync service (now all users are being synced to Workspace).
  • Sync complete? Enable filtering and restart the service.

Accidently deleted a user from a group that is being synced to Workspace? Try to:

  • Re-add or recreate the user to the group (or create a new group) in Azure AD.
  • Make sure to include the group in the filtering.
  • Restart the sync service.

Users are not added to specific groups

Filtering enabled? First try to disable filtering and restart the sync. This will sync all users to Workspace 365. Filtering enabled but the issue persists? You can think of a 'clear cache'. However, this is not recommend as first solution! 

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