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Add your SharePoint intranet to Workspace 365

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Within Workspace 365 there are many intranet-functionalities that you can use, such as announcements, birthday live tile, social feed using Yammer, the possibility to add RSS-feeds, SharePoint news and more. But what if your organization already has an intranet and wants to combine this with the adaptive Workspace? In this article we explain how to add your SharePoint intranet as tab in Workspace 365.



Add SharePoint Intranet as a tab

Embedding works best with the modern experience of SharePoint, as customizable web parts may be blocked in the classic experience.
If you would like to embed the root site instead, you can skip the first step and proceed with step 2 "Add as application to the App store".

Step 1. Configure portal site connection

  • Go to your SharePoint Intranet page.
  • Go to Site information.


  • Fill in a Site name.
  • Click View all site settings.


  • Go to Portal site connection.
    • Enter the Workspace URL (e.g.
    • Enter a friendly name for the portal.
    • Click OK.



Step 2. Add as application to the App store

  • Go to the App store.
  • Select Manage apps.
  • Click Add new app.
  • Add the Web content tile.
  • Fill in a Name and Embed code.
  • Click Save. 


TIP: change the dimensions of the iframe code to % instead of a fixed width. This way the embedded content will always fit within the available space.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%">


Step 3. Add as tab

  • Go to your Workspace and click the three dots to Add app as tab.

  • Select the app you just created.
  • Click Add. 

Your SharePoint intranet site is now added to your Workspace.

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Why does my intranet refuses to connect? 

Sometimes the content cannot be loaded as the website refuses to connect.


The reason why some sites do allow embedding and other sites don't, is all linked to security. By default (if the site has good security) you can't embed a part of the websites code into another domain. This is called 'Content Security Policy'. Most likely:

Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self'; 

Therefore a site will most likely refuse connection to Workspace 365. If you want to embed your intranet, check if you can change the Content-Security-Policy to allow domain to load content into the domain of your digital Workspace. Or if needed, ask the the owner of the domain to whitelist your Workspace domain.

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