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Release notes Workspace 365 v3.45.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.45.0 has been deployed on 02-06-2022. ​Here are the release notes for this version:



  • From now on, when composing a new email in the Email App, the recipient fields will show more and better contact suggestions.
  • In addition to a thumbs up, you can now also give other types of responses to an announcement, such as a heart. This allows you to respond more specifically to announcements.

Technical items

  • We switched from the classic way to the modern way of embedding a Yammer feed in the workspace.
  • We reduced the complexity of the Autotask configuration at the request of Autotask. We removed the tracking identifier and URL from the UI, because they will be configured automatically. As a result, the current API user will no longer work and a new API user must be created in Autotask. This new user should be linked to Workspace 365. An article with more information will be published on the Support Portal soon. Customers and partners who use the integration will be informed with a change procedure detailing these steps.
  • When using our search forms on iOS devices, the search keyboard layout will be displayed.


  • The Filter type option in the advanced global search results dialog for files did not work correctly.
  • The CC field was positioned incorrectly in the ‘Select contacts’ dialog.
  • The active tab in the app store was switched when the browser window was resized (e.g., from ‘Manage apps’ to ‘Add tiles to workspace’).
  • In Bookmarks, when the open preference for files was changed, the action bar and context menu were not updated with the correct order of actions.
  • We removed the option to import users from CSV in User management.


  • With this release, we launch an improved creation experience for announcements. Instead of using a sidebar, the user must go through different steps when creating an announcement. As a result, the risk of missing information is minimised, and it allows for a more fluid experience. Thereby, the page for editing an announcement itself is now a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) experience, which results in a much better preview.
  • In mobile mode, when clicking a sidebar item which navigates to another page or opens a dialog, we now close the sidebar instead of leaving it open.
  • We now have a responsive solution for a list of actions in multiple places (e.g., ‘Manage mailboxes’ sidebar, ‘Read announcement’ page). If actions don’t fit the available space, we show a More button which opens a menu showing the remaining actions.
  • If the page contains a sidebar, we now show the action bar at the right of the sidebar instead of above. This improves the user experience as the actions are now closer to the content section.
  • We added mobile safe areas to the top and bottom of the screen. This means that extra space is reserved if devices show information or buttons in these areas.
  • We did some modifications to the large dialogs to create more consistency in the product.