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Autotask configuration change from Workspace release V3.45


We have made a change in the Autotask configuration from Workspace release V3.45. This requires action from your side. Want to continue using Autotask? Please read this article to prevent issues.

The change we made has a couple of consequences for your configuration, because the old tracking identifier can no longer be used after V3.45. We have described detailed steps (see Change procedure) to make the required changes in advance of the release of V3.45, so that hopefully everything runs smoothly on the date of deployment.

If you run into any issues while performing the steps described in this article, please contact our support team so that they can help you to complete this change successfully.


Why did we change the configuration?

Two months ago we had a call with our Autotask supplier to discuss our partnership, which included a review of our integration with Autotask. This lead to some new insights about how to deal with the implementation of their API. They made us aware that our initial approach wasn’t wrong, but could be improved. This would also allow them to properly monitor API usage amongst their partners and customers. The changes described in this article are implemented on their request and to make your customer experience with configuring the Autotask integration a bit simpler, which is what we stand for.


What did we change?

Autotask URL

First of all, we changed the way we handle the Autotask URL. It no longer needs to be configured. We have now implemented functionality in our connector, which automatically determines the most efficient URL to use depending on the location of the customer tenant.

This is an automatic change which does not require any changes on the customer tenant.

Tracking identifier

Second, we removed the need to configure a tracking identifier. Previously, we asked partners or customers to generate their own custom tracking identifier. We now have our own dedicated tracking identifier.

This means you can now find us (Workspace 365 – Cloud Service Delivery) in the “Integration vendor” list on the API user configuration page. Please read the change procedure for further instructions. 


How will it look after the release?

After the release of version 3.45, the Autotask connector configuration will be changed and will look like the screenshot below. Only the name, username and password are required.



Change procedure

Step 1. Creating a new API user in Autotask

In order to use the new configuration, it is important to create a new API user in Autotask.

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the existing API user in Autotask.
  • Login to the Autotask admin portal.
  • Navigate to Account settings and Users.
  • Select Resources/Users (HR).
  • Then click Resources/Users.


  • Click the arrow next to the +New button at the top left corner.
  • Choose New API user.


General section:

  • Define a name and link a valid email address.
  • Choose the correct security level.
    API User (system) Can’t Read Costs” is recommended.
  • Set the correct Primary Internal Location.


Credentials section:

  • Click Generate Key in the Credentials section to generate a username.
    (You can change this but it is recommended to keep is as is)
  • Click Generate Secret in the Credentials section to generate a password (secret).
    (You can change this but it is recommended to keep is as is)


API Tracking Identifier section:

  • By default, the selection is correct and should be on Integration vendor.
  • In the drop-down labelled 'Integration Vendor' pick Workspace 365 – Cloud Service Delivery.
    (This links the API user to our integration with Autotask)


Line of business:

  • Provide the correct line of business to grant the integration access to the tickets in the required domain.
  • Click Save & Close at the top of the screen to save the new API user.


Step 2. Change connector config in Workspace 365

Because we automatically migrate existing connectors to the new configuration, it is advised to change to connector beforehand to prevent any configuration requirements after the release. To edit the existing Autotask connector in Workspace 365:

  • Open your Workspace 365 portal.
  • Navigate to your admin settings page.
  • In the left navigation menu, open the Integrations menu.
  • Select Autotask connections.


  • Select the existing connector.
  • Click Edit from the action bar.


  • Now take your new API username and new API Password (from the new API user you just created) and overwrite the exiting information.
  • Replace the existing Tracking Identifier with the temporary Tracking Identifier:  HSE3NJNASRAHVJ5JHROCNC3YSV
    (This temporary Tracking Identifier will make sure the integration keeps working until the release of Workspace 365 version 3.45.0 and will be removed after the release as it is no longer required after that).
  • Click Save when you're done.