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Workspace temporarily down due to Cloudflare outage


This morning Workspace was temporarily down due to a critical incident in Cloudflare’s network. Luckily this issue is fixed.

We're looking into the cause of the outage. We will update this article if we have more information. 

For more information on Cloudflare System Status, click here and/or read Cloudflare's post mortum

Update 17:12 (CEST): The issue with SharePoint has now been resolved. The problem was caused by a malfunction with Microsoft's SharePoint search engine. The search engine retrieves, among with other things, the documents and SharePoint sites that belong to a user. Due to the malfunction, this functionality did not work properly. Some of the users experienced problems with our DMS and SharePoint integration as a result. Microsoft has indicated that the problems have been solved.
Update 11:43 (CEST): In the Microsoft admin portal you can view the current health status of your Microsoft‎ services regarding possible OneDrive and/or SharePoint issues.
Update 10:29 CEST: due to the outage, Workspace is experiencing performance issues with SharePoint. We're looking into a solution.