Release notes Workspace 365 v3.51.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.51.0 was deployed on 06-10-2022. Here are the release notes for this version.



  • We have added more actions for bookmarks to the Bookmarks page and Documents live tile.
  • The “Active directory” settings page is replaced with the new “User provisioning” page. From here, the desired user provisioning method can be selected: syncing from Azure AD or automated user provisioning (SCIM).
  • From this release, admins can sync groups and users from Azure AD using the SCIM method. This can be done by selecting the option “Automated user provisioning (SCIM)” on the new “User provisioning” page. This is an alternative option to the Azure Active Directory sync client. For more information, read:
  • We have added new group permission for knowledge items: “Create and manage all knowledge items and categories”. This permission allows users to manage all knowledge items and categories.
  • We have added knowledge items to The Hub live tile. From the Edit tile sidebar, you can select the type of items you want to see in the live tile: announcements or knowledge items.
Check out our update blogs for more detailed information about new features.


  • In some cases, a user would be prevented in saving an app permission.
  • Fixed some styling issues on search fields on the Settings pages.
  • Clicking on the mobile navigation menu while the page was still loading made the menu unresponsive.
  • Addressed some SharePoint initialization issues.
  • We now show the time an email was sent on the view email page.


  • We improved the validation message for the API interface ID field in the dialog where you can edit a Zaaksysteem connection.
  • We have replaced multiple PNG app icons with SVG icons.
  • We now automatically retrieve the user’s profile picture on login when using SCIM in combination with OAuth2.
  • We have improved several product colors to meet the required contrast ratio for accessibility (which is 4.5:1) This includes the primary dark theme color and alert colors.
  • We Improved the styling of the alert bars to make them more readable.
  • We now refresh the Birthdays live tile on a daily basis.
  • On the Licensing page, if you can’t perform any actions based on the selection, we don’t offer the option to make a selection.