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Smart todo lists in live tile

It would be a great improvement to make 'all' the lists of Microsoft Todo available in the live tile. At the moment the user does not have a complete overview of his tasks. At least the following lists would be great:

- Assigned to me (list)

- Shared lists with membership (list)


Jorik van der Veen Planned

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Totally agree! Now, due to Corona, a lot of customers are making full use of Apps like ToDo, Planner and Teams.
For instance; You can connect the To-Do app to Planner and when you have created a Task in Planner which is assigned to you, the Task is automatically visible in the To-Do app. But...…, since the assigned Task is visible in the "Assigned to u" folder, it's not visible in the To-Do Live Tile in Workspace, because you can't select this folder/view.

Bas van Meurs 0 votes
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