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Scrolling through Address Book

When you open the Address Book you have the option to search through it or,  what appears to be, an option to scroll through it.

In reality the second option is actually scrolling through the first 20 entries of the address book instead of scrolling through the complete address book.

What's happening is that the address book is showing only the firts 20 entries as if it was a search result. 20 entries is the maximum result shown after you do a search. And because you haven't entered anything in the search box yet, it just shows the first 20 entries.

Our users find this very confusing. They rather would like to have both the options to scroll through the complete address book and to search it.

If this isn't possible then not showing any entires before you did a search would make it less confusing for users, as they are now thinking that the entire list is shown.

AENC. ICT Solutions

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