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Stay in "shared maibox" when opening full Email view from multiple Email live tiles....

One of the great things of Workspace 365 is that you can create an overview of multiple Email inboxes. You can individually configure Email tiles with which (shared) inbox should be displayed by sorting them up or down. Our customers are liking that, because normally they need to browse their Outlook mailbox list to see inboxes of shared mailboxes.

One big miss is that when you click on "Email" in the Live tile (to get the full mailbox view), it Always put you back to the primary/user mailbox...

In the screenshot I have a situation with three Email tiles where the upper left is my primary mailbox. The other two Email tiles are shared mailboxes. The blue lines are representing the current situation. It would be great if you guyes can build it like the red line situation.

Bas van Meurs Completed

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