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Conditional Access when opening files (local apps vs webapps)

We would like to have a way to "hide" the "Open in ... (local app)" under certain circumstances. The most generic reason would be the fact that for security reasons WebDav is made availeble to the W365 servers and the customer internal network only. This way the customer is only able to use the local apps from the internal network.

Because of this we would like to hide the "Open in ... (local app)" option when a users connects from an "not known" wan IP address.

This is only really necessary for the File server integration based on WebDav, but it might make sense to also not present the link for O365 based documents, maybe make this configurable for O365 based documents also.

Kay-Arne van Dalfsen Completed

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Hi Kay-Arne,

Do you have a business case for this feature request?


Laurens Holtkamp 0 votes
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Hi Laurens,

Yes, most of our users stil prefer the Local Office Apps to the Web Apps, this way the users would be able to use the Local Apps when they are working from within the customers network while not getting confused when they are using W365 from home because then W365 would not show them the option to open (File Server) documents in local apps.

Kay-Arne van Dalfsen 0 votes
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