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Synctool AzureAD to Workspace365 users with group membership


We'd like to choose an AzureAD group where all users that need to be synchronized from AzureAD to Workspace365 should be a member of.

The current behaviour is that all AzureAD users are synchronized to Workspace365 which costs a lot of licenses. We only need some users to be able to login to Workspace365.

The current version of Synctool doesn't support this, can you please add this functionality?


Rob Noordanus Answered

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Hi Rob,

With our synctool you can select the desired Azure AD group to sync that users to the workspace based on group filtering


Laurens Holtkamp 0 votes
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Hi Laurens, your solution doesn't work in our case. We need all usergroups synced from AzureAD to Workspace365, but only the users from a particular group.

We need the groups to set rights on all the apps, even when there are currently no users in this group.


I need to select a group which has members/users that are imported into Workspace365. This has to be done to limit the numbers of licenses in Workspace365 to only the users I want to have access.

I need to import all groups, even when they are empty or don't contain any users at this time.

Still haven't found a combination of settings that work, so as far as I can see, this is a feature request.


Rob Noordanus 0 votes
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We have the exact same problem.

We also have the need for syncing 1 specific group who has access to workspace, but all other groups need to be synced for Access permissions on apps.

I think you need to add a 3rd option in the tool. Sync users and then based on group membership

Michel Weber 0 votes
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