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Security on TABS created from Apps

The new "TABS created from Apps" feature is great.

What I found just now, because I had a quick view on the screen of my co workers, is that the TABS I created are *not* *Personal*!!!!

So everybody sees this TABS! 

Either this TABS should be made personal or there needs to be security (Who has access) on them !



Reinhard Travnicek

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Hi Reinhard,

The apps you're pinning as tab are only accessible to the users you grated permissions to that app.
Because it's an app, these settings/permissions are made in the app store. Please scope your permissions there.Users are not able to pin apps as tab, only admins.

Extension to that, would you prefer to have an extra layer of permissions to choose who has access to the pinned application?

Laurens Holtkamp 0 votes
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