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Make SharePoint Search RSS feed and CQWP RSS feed available


Would it be possible to, next to SP list RSS feeds (list + view), also make the search RSS feed of a site available to a live tile? When entering such a URL as the RSS feed I get an error indicating that URL of the feed is not valid.

The reason we actually need this is that search is the only way to aggregate list content from multiple sites and lists. For the same reason but scoped within one site we also would like to be able to utilize the CQWP RSS feed.

In a more general way we'd like to be able to use *any* SharePoint RSS feed (based on the validness of the feed contents, not of the format of the URL pointing to it), since the tile offers the option to point to *a* SP RSS feed. This would make the solution future proof against any RSS feed changes on SP.

Mark Lammerse

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