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Option to create a tile which opens a new page (for tiles)

As an end user and as an admin I'd like to be able to create a tile which opens a new page on my desktop on which I can place new tiles.

Microsoft has this functionality in its Azure portal tiles. I'd like to have that functionality.

reason: when mixing news/intranet content with file/document management content and apps on one screen, the screen gets cluttered or full easily. The ability to categorize tiles refocuses the user on the 'main tile category.'

example: we have important news on the 'main page' but we do not have sufficient space for our current 6 8x8 tiles with 3 tabs each with news to our separate news RSS list feeds/views feeds,unless we scroll, which gets the user off focus.


Mark Lammerse

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Thanks for your request Mark. In the coming period, we will take a look at how we can improve the organisation of the workspace. We understand that with the introduction of several new live tiles, the workspace can become quite busy. 

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