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Folders that "Limited Access System Group" has rights to hide from end users.

Dear Support,

I have the following issue and would like to present an idea so that you can assess whether this is possible as a new feature.

As we know, SharePoint Group "Limited Access System Group" is used when sharing files among themselves within an organization / SharePoint "Microsoft by Design".

With this we create that we see folders in both SharePoint and in Workspace365 File manager to which we actually have no access.

Because SharePoint Group "Limited Access System Group" has limited rights to the relevant folders, these are also automatically displayed to end users.

While nothing has ever been shared with me from many folders that I now see, but because SharePoint Group "Limited Access System Group" has limited rights to these folders, they are also shown to me as empty folders.

I wonder if you can turn off the display of these folders. So all folders where limited rights are assigned to an employee via SharePoint Group "Limited Access System Group"

Work experience will be much better for the end users as they will only see what they actually have rights to.

Elvedin Kahrimanovic


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Laurens | Workspace 365



Elvedin Kahrimanović

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