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Allow complete override of feedback recipients email address

When users complete the Give Feedback form it is sent to  It is also possible to add a recipient address by setting the FeedbackRecipients option in the properties.


We would like the ability to override the feedback recipients so the forms are ONLY sent to the specified email address.

We would prefer to collect feedback from our customers and determine which should be passed on to New Day At Work because:

  1. We can collect feedback from our customers and determine common areas of concern/requirements before passing them on to NDAW.
  2. The feedback may be about an integration feature the NDAW has no ability to resolve (such as Citrix XenApp), NDAW does not need to receive this type of feedback.
  3. We do not wish details of our customers, such as email addresses, to be passed on to NDAW. For example, some of our customers require us to protect their PII and this includes not passing any of their details on to vendors used in creating the solutions/services we offer
  4. We choose white labeled solutions and prefer not to disclose what those solutions are to our customers.  Whilst the feedback email does not get sent to the user, should NDAW contact them for more detail this would reveal who the solution provider is.


Alun Carp

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