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If you are missing a feature in Workspace 365, feel free to register your request! We are monitoring these requests constantly. Up-voting and Down-voting of requests will help us evaluate the importance of the feature. However, if we notice the impact of your feature request could be big, we might develop it in the near future. The feature request process is as follow: Feature request -> Business/use case -> UX -> Refinement(s) -> Planning.

Please provide the following information. You can post a new idea or search for ideas already submitted.

Posting Rules:

Before you send your request, check to make sure someone hasn’t already submitted your idea. And, if they have, a “vote” is an easy way to support this idea. You can also discuss on ideas if you want to make additions or variation. We read the requests and comments, please follow the simple rules below or your request could be removed/edited/merged.

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  • - Description of desired feature
  • - Why the feature is needed

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  • 4

    Ability to change Favicon per customer (branding) Feedback needed

    In case of multiple customers we cannot change the Favicon per customer. Now we can only change the favicon within the master instance.  
    Michel Weber 2 comments
  • 0

    PDF file association within the workspace Feedback needed

    Within the long pasture they would like to open .pdf file extension within workspace. Editing PDF files is now not possible since it can only be opened within Google Chrome.   * Edited:    Transla...
    Kevin Lankhaar 0 comments
  • 0

    Sort / Filter / Search employees and licenses in portal Feedback needed

    Our SMs look for a list of active users and use license type. When the number of licenses increases or decreases, such a list is needed to discuss with the customer which users are on and off, and ...
    Gijs van Hees 0 comments
  • 0

    Folders that "Limited Access System Group" has rights to hide from... Feedback needed

    Dear Support, I have the following issue and would like to present an idea so that you can assess whether this is possible as a new feature. As we know, SharePoint Group "Limited Access System Grou...
    Elvedin Kahrimanović 0 comments
  • 1

    Save multiple attachment at once Feedback needed

    Bijlages in een e-mail moeten per stuk opgeslagen worden. De functionaliteit om alle bijlages in één keer op te slaan ontbreekt.
    Floris Tenholter 0 comments
  • 0

    New user e-mail default from: address Feedback needed

    Every new account that we create in a tenant receives a welcome e-mail from the workspace. I think this is standard from the email address of the person who created the account, for example: admin@...
    Barry Antenbrink 0 comments
  • 0

    Add more days to agenda when tile is selected as 4 x 8 Completed

    Dear sir / madam, When a calendar tile needs to be presented as 4 x 8 in Workplace, it automatically shows 5 days ahead in list mode (the full calendar view then disappears due to the width of the ...
    tem 0 comments
  • 5

    Sorting tasks in To-Do Tile Planned

    Tasks are sorted in the To-Do Tile by creation date. Please also have the option of (also) sorting by the end date of the task / date on which the task is on the agenda.   * Edited:    Translated ...
    Henry Nieboer 0 comments
  • 0

    Add GET functionality in Intergration credentials API Feedback needed

    Hi, The possibility to read out the "ID" of a user from the database to change, for example, the password of an existing Credential Set of a user.  
    Peter Mekes 0 comments
  • 5

    Mail client - save emails to file location Feedback needed

    We'd like to be able to save emails from the mail client to a file location e.g. OneDrive, SharePoint or file server.  Use case: save a specific email to a customer folder to track correspondence 
    Zach Dickson 0 comments
  • 1

    Citrix Cloud Integration Feedback needed

    Company's that only have published applications left for legacy applications can use Citrix Cloud to deliver those apps to the users.If you use Azure Active Directory for authentication to Citrix C...
    Robert Steeghs 0 comments
  • 0

    Tasks in email apps Feedback needed

    We would like the tasks that users added in Outlook are visible in the Email App of Workplace365
    vanBelois 0 comments
  • 2

    TopDesk Live Tile Completed

    Create the possibility for customers to use a TopDesk LiveTile. For now it is only possible to connect 1 Topdesk for the Partner Use.
    Leo van de Haar 0 comments
  • 1

    Show additional addresslist Feedback needed

      Graag willen we extra adreslijsten beschikbaar maken voor een aantal klanten.  Een aantal organisaties maken gebruik van zorgmail. Deze oplossing voegt alle bestaande zorgmail adressen toe aan de...
    Albert Kroon 0 comments
  • 5

    Tabbed - Microsoft To Do Completed

    Can Microsoft To Do become a tabbed live tile that incorporates multiple To Do lists
    Zach Dickson 1 comment
  • 1

    Webhook Tile Feedback needed

    Idea for a tile.  Trigger a webhook.  Not dissimilar to the behavior in freshdesk.https://support.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/132589-using-webhooks-in-the-observer Similar to the signa...
    Paul O'Brien 0 comments
  • 2

    Notifications - "View Details" hyperlink to be in a different font ... Feedback needed

    Can the ""View Details" hyperlink be a different font color or style to the Notifications Title.  We completed usability tests with our employees where we set the Notification to not be automatical...
    Jocelyn Brittain 2 comments
  • 1

    Mail notification or some other kind of notification is needed for ... Feedback needed

    At this moment when people share documents the receivers are not getting a email notification or other type of notication that documents have been shared. The documents are visible under Shared Wit...
    Servicedesk Compete 1 comment
  • 8

    Serverless solution to sync Azure AD users and groups to Workspace 365 Feedback needed

    Customers are looking into full-cloud scenario's. Migrating their applications from on-premises to SaaS solutions. Workspace 365 offers a SaaS solution, but when it comes to synchronizing Azure AD ...
    John Seerden 1 comment
  • 3

    Option to disable global popup after new release Feedback needed

    I would like to have the option to disable the new features pop-up which comes up after a user logs in a new release of the portal/ Reason is that it can contain information on apps which are expli...
    Patrick Braam 0 comments
  • 4

    Date format dd/mm/yyyy Completed

    Can we please have the ability to see documents with the date New Zealand date format of dd/mm/yyyy.  This is really important to our customers and is causing a lot of confusion ie a document that ...
    Nicole Manilal 2 comments
  • 1

    re order capability SharePoint sites in the admin portal Feedback needed

    Users can re order their SharePoint sites in the documents part of Workspace. But in the Admin portal there is no easy way to re order the sites. Now if you have a lot of sites and one site must be...
    Jorik Polhuis 0 comments
  • 0

    Edit New menu Answered

    In Sharepoint you have the option to edit the New Menu. This way you can for example add a different Word-template. It would be awesome if this is implemented in the Workspace
    M Robben 2 comments
  • 1

    Use of wildcards in Azure AD Sync Group Filtering Feedback needed

    We have the possibility to select particular groups in the group filtering section of the Azure AD Sync Tool. It would be nice if we would be able to use wildcards so when we create new groups on w...
    Marcel Braak 0 comments
  • 7

    More design options, colours, stretch of tile size.... Feedback needed

    I would like the following: Extra Fonts Able to stretch tiles to adjust tiles/groups in custom designs Drag and drop icons/tiles/iframes to any specific points More colours options- background col...
    Dawan Rashid 0 comments
  • 0

    Floating iframes Feedback needed

    Please add floating iFrames as a feature.
    Mike taylor 0 comments
  • 0

    Iframe scroll bar Feedback needed

    Can you add a scroll bar function to each iframe please
    Mike taylor 0 comments
  • 1

    See apps assigned to groups Feedback needed

    It would be useful to see from a specific group in one overview which apps it has access to. And also for a users, I imagine this feature like "effective access" in Windows NTFS rights. 
    Taco Piek 0 comments
  • 0

    Drop down multiple choice menus Feedback needed

    An option to have a drop down menu within an iframe so as to choose apps from the drop down menu rather than a larger number of icons in the iframe would be helpful. this would reduce the size of t...
    Mike taylor 0 comments
  • 2

    sharepoint in rss feed laat de titels zien inplaats van de namen va... Completed

    in rss feed worden de sharepoint documenten op documentnaam weer gegeven. Graag de titel weergeven
    Ernst Jan Dunnewold 1 comment