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If you are missing a feature in Workspace 365, feel free to register your request! We are monitoring these requests constantly. Up-voting and Down-voting of requests will help us evaluate the importance of the feature. However, if we notice the impact of your feature request could be big, we might develop it in the near future. The feature request process is as follow: Feature request -> Business/use case -> UX -> Refinement(s) -> Planning.

Please provide the following information. You can post a new idea or search for ideas already submitted.

Posting Rules:

Before you send your request, check to make sure someone hasn’t already submitted your idea. And, if they have, a “vote” is an easy way to support this idea. You can also discuss on ideas if you want to make additions or variation. We read the requests and comments, please follow the simple rules below or your request could be removed/edited/merged.

  • - Request in English
  • - Brief title
  • - Description of desired feature
  • - Why the feature is needed

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    Ability to open pptm files Completed

    For our customer, who has a lot of Macro enabled Powerpoint presentations, it is not possible to open pptm files right off the drive. They first have to download the file and then can edit the file...
    Johan van der Leij 0 comments
  • 1

    Can the validation on IntegrationCredentials usernames be relaxed t... Completed

    When launching services like Clientless RDP and WebDAV a user is required to enter the IntegrationCredentials for the service.  The validation on the username field requires an email address but in...
    Alun Carp 0 comments
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    Add more days to agenda when tile is selected as 4 x 8 Completed

    Dear sir / madam, When a calendar tile needs to be presented as 4 x 8 in Workplace, it automatically shows 5 days ahead in list mode (the full calendar view then disappears due to the width of the ...
    tem 0 comments
  • 5

    Tabbed - Microsoft To Do Completed

    Can Microsoft To Do become a tabbed live tile that incorporates multiple To Do lists
    Zach Dickson 1 comment
  • 4

    Date format dd/mm/yyyy Completed

    Can we please have the ability to see documents with the date New Zealand date format of dd/mm/yyyy.  This is really important to our customers and is causing a lot of confusion ie a document that ...
    Nicole Manilal 2 comments
  • 2

    sharepoint in rss feed laat de titels zien inplaats van de namen va... Completed

    in rss feed worden de sharepoint documenten op documentnaam weer gegeven. Graag de titel weergeven
    Ernst Jan Dunnewold 1 comment
  • 3

    Drag Drop E-mails Completed

    Graag een optie toevoegen om mails te kunnen slepen naar een subfolder in workspace 365, dit geld ook voor documenten die ik wil verplaatsen naar een andere map. 
    Rick Teunissen 1 comment
  • 1

    Ability to brand workspace for end customer Completed

    As a reseller we have branded the workspace with our name/logo/colour scheme, but we would like to be able to add a personalisation for the end customer in each instance.  Maybe something as simple...
    Nicole Manilal 1 comment
  • 5

    Support SVG Icons for Tiles Completed

    What? SVG support for icons in Workspace 365. Why? Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) support for all Icons, even branding, would help Workspace 365 to scale more seamless while looking good at the same...
    Olav R. Birkeland 0 comments
  • 11

    Automatically add shared mailboxes Completed

    Het zou mooi zijn als gedeelde postvakken net zoals in Outlook automatisch worden toegevoegd, of in ieder geval dat je onder je settings een knop zou hebben die deze automatisch detecteert en toevo...
    Michael Bos 1 comment
  • 1

    Disable email for the environment Completed

    Graag de mogelijkheid inbouwen om email functionaliteit en alles daar om heen uit te schakelen voor een omgeving. Klant gebruikt alleen de documenten app en email functionaliteit is niet nodig en w...
    Albert Jonkman 1 comment
  • 1

    Support more characters in the workspace Completed

    De vreemde - en leestekens die je mag gebruiken in Workspace 365 komen niet overeen met die je mag gebruiken in Office 365. Dit geeft problemen. In Workspace 365 mag je de volgende karakters niet g...
    Albert Jonkman 0 comments
  • 2

    Copy folders within Workspace documents Completed

    When I open Office 365 SharePoint I can copy folders from one directory to another. When I try this within Workspace documents I only see this option when I select a file instead the whole folder. 
    Emiel Zwart 0 comments
  • 1

    Larger tiles Completed

    if its possible i want to have the option to extend tiles to a widht of 16*8 of 24*8
    Pascal Zwiers 3 comments
  • 1

    OWA and adresbook Completed

    We have the following issue: Most of our customers work with OWA and not with the email app of W365. In the adressbook, when you click on the emailadres of a person, the W365 email app opens. This ...
    Gerben Rochat 0 comments
  • 4

    Automap shared mailboxes Completed

    We would like shared mailboxes which have the "automap" feature enabled to also get connected to the W365 mail client automatically. Within Outlook and OWA the shared mailboxes a users has access t...
    Kay-Arne van Dalfsen 0 comments
  • 5

    Managed signatures within W365 mail client Completed

    We currently use a software solution to place a default signature within both the Outlook Client as Office 365 Outlook Web Access. When a customer uses the W365 mail client we lose the  ability to ...
    Kay-Arne van Dalfsen 1 comment
  • 3

    Option to see calendars of colleagues Completed

    Optie om agenda's van collega's te tonen op het opstartscherm. Dit omdat via de IPAD of telefoon agenda's van collega's niet kunnen worden geopend. Het zou makkelijk zijn als er een tile is waarin ...
    André van Grieken 1 comment
  • 1

    Change the text color for the Product Name Completed

    The possiblity to change the text color for the Product Name of Workspace365 text. 
    Robert Steeghs 0 comments
  • 1

    Sort checked users and groups under permissions first Completed

    Hello,Requesting a feature which would sort checked users and groups at the top of the permissions pane to allow us to easily see who has permissions to access a tile/group etc. Right now we have a...
    Eirik Haughom 0 comments
  • 0

    Conditional access - Add the supported browser to the popup message Completed

    I have a shortcut tile that only supports Internet Explorer. If the user clicks the tile (when using an other browser than IE) he/she gets the message that this browser is not supported.  Please ad...
    Erwin van den Luitgaarden 0 comments
  • 1

    Notification planned maintenance Completed

    When maintenance is planned, it is nice that there is also a notification of this. At the moment, there is only a notification when the application is in maintenance, but the user also likes to be ...
    Rick Kuppen 0 comments
  • 2

    Make "Reply all" a default action in the Reply menu in Email Completed

    "Reply all" is a good netiquette and should be used more often than "Reply", but in Workspace 365, it requires two extra clicks to perform
    Oleg Volkov 1 comment
  • 0

    Show all contacts from Office 365 in the Workpsace Sidebar Completed

    Currently with Workspace v 2.62 it's only possible to display your own exchange contacts in the workspace portal. It would be nice if you can search contacts in your entire Office365 enviroment (Gl...
    Robert Steeghs 0 comments
  • 0

    Sharepoint versioning in workspace Completed

    is it possible to add a feature that users can use versioning from sharepoint in the workspace? now we have to log into the sharepoint online panel to recover an older version of the document.
    Frank Derks 0 comments
  • 1

    Apps align top left in the group Completed

    Currently when you do not have access to an app, the apps below move upward.This creates an awkward look if the user only have access to one or two apps, and they are floating to the right or in th...
    Eirik Haughom 0 comments
  • 1

    Conditional Access - IP Blacklist Completed

    We use Workspace365 both on local clients and in a VDI environment. Not all applications are available within the VDI environment (and vica-versa). For now I am able to restrict apps that are only ...
    Eirik Haughom 0 comments
  • 2

    Conditional Access based on X-Forwarderd-For header Completed

    I Would like to have the possibility to use conditional access based on the X-Forwarded-For header. We are using a proxy in front of the Workspace 365 portal and we cannot forward de client source ...
    Peter Ansink 0 comments
  • 0

    View Tiles names on 1x1 size Completed

    When using the smaller tile sizes the application name is no longer visible. If possible i would like to see the tile name when hovering above the tile with the mouse. As i use multiple shortcuts f...
    Pierre Jacobs 0 comments
  • 0

    Nieuwe sharepoint sites direct zichtbaar in workspace Completed

      Als er een nieuwe sharepoint site word aangemaakt is deze niet direct zichtbaar in de documenten functie van workspace. Eerst moet er onder het workspace admin account worden ingelogd om onde...
    Rik Pelgrim - Solid Partners ICT Professionals 0 comments