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If you are missing a feature in Workspace 365, feel free to register your request! We are monitoring these requests constantly. Up-voting and Down-voting of requests will help us evaluate the importance of the feature. However, if we notice the impact of your feature request could be big, we might develop it in the near future. The feature request process is as follow: Feature request -> Business/use case -> UX -> Refinement(s) -> Planning.

Please provide the following information. You can post a new idea or search for ideas already submitted.

Posting Rules:

Before you send your request, check to make sure someone hasn’t already submitted your idea. And, if they have, a “vote” is an easy way to support this idea. You can also discuss on ideas if you want to make additions or variation. We read the requests and comments, please follow the simple rules below or your request could be removed/edited/merged.

  • - Request in English
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  • - Description of desired feature
  • - Why the feature is needed

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  • 1

    Change the text color for the Product Name Completed

    The possiblity to change the text color for the Product Name of Workspace365 text. 
    Robert Steeghs 0 comments
  • 1

    Sort checked users and groups under permissions first Completed

    Hello,Requesting a feature which would sort checked users and groups at the top of the permissions pane to allow us to easily see who has permissions to access a tile/group etc. Right now we have a...
    Eirik Haughom 0 comments
  • 4

    Live-Email, option for showing all "read" emails. Completed

    Right now the Live-Email tile only shows the unread emails.Could there be an option implemented for showing all the emails in the mailbox? This would be very useful because it gives the user anothe...
    Laurens Holtkamp 0 comments
  • 0

    Conditional access - Add the supported browser to the popup message Completed

    I have a shortcut tile that only supports Internet Explorer. If the user clicks the tile (when using an other browser than IE) he/she gets the message that this browser is not supported.  Please ad...
    Erwin van den Luitgaarden 0 comments
  • 0

    News banner with SharePoint integration Completed

    A news banner where a certain amount of time a news message is displayed or the latest news reports show. And to have the possibility to add news from SharePoint to a banner. A kind of replacement ...
    Rick Kuppen 0 comments
  • 1

    Notification planned maintenance Completed

    When maintenance is planned, it is nice that there is also a notification of this. At the moment, there is only a notification when the application is in maintenance, but the user also likes to be ...
    Rick Kuppen 0 comments
  • 2

    Make "Reply all" a default action in the Reply menu in Email Completed

    "Reply all" is a good netiquette and should be used more often than "Reply", but in Workspace 365, it requires two extra clicks to perform
    Oleg Volkov 1 comment
  • 0

    Show all contacts from Office 365 in the Workpsace Sidebar Completed

    Currently with Workspace v 2.62 it's only possible to display your own exchange contacts in the workspace portal. It would be nice if you can search contacts in your entire Office365 enviroment (Gl...
    Robert Steeghs 0 comments
  • 0

    Sharepoint versioning in workspace Completed

    is it possible to add a feature that users can use versioning from sharepoint in the workspace? now we have to log into the sharepoint online panel to recover an older version of the document.
    Frank Derks 0 comments
  • 1

    Apps align top left in the group Completed

    Currently when you do not have access to an app, the apps below move upward.This creates an awkward look if the user only have access to one or two apps, and they are floating to the right or in th...
    Eirik Haughom 0 comments
  • 1

    Conditional Access - IP Blacklist Completed

    We use Workspace365 both on local clients and in a VDI environment. Not all applications are available within the VDI environment (and vica-versa). For now I am able to restrict apps that are only ...
    Eirik Haughom 0 comments
  • 2

    Conditional Access based on X-Forwarderd-For header Completed

    I Would like to have the possibility to use conditional access based on the X-Forwarded-For header. We are using a proxy in front of the Workspace 365 portal and we cannot forward de client source ...
    Peter Ansink 0 comments
  • 0

    View Tiles names on 1x1 size Completed

    When using the smaller tile sizes the application name is no longer visible. If possible i would like to see the tile name when hovering above the tile with the mouse. As i use multiple shortcuts f...
    Pierre Jacobs 0 comments
  • 0

    Nieuwe sharepoint sites direct zichtbaar in workspace Completed

      Als er een nieuwe sharepoint site word aangemaakt is deze niet direct zichtbaar in de documenten functie van workspace. Eerst moet er onder het workspace admin account worden ingelogd om onde...
    Rik Pelgrim - Solid Partners ICT Professionals 0 comments
  • 1

    Yammer Completed

    De Yammer live-tile leest momenteel alleen de "All company" groep uit. Graag de mogelijkheid om ook andere groepen uit te lezen.
    Roland Leijten 0 comments
  • 0

    Conditional access - Opening webpage or pubApp based on OS Completed

    We're using 80% Windows devices and 20% Mac devices. When a user wants to open an Internet Explorer only site. I want to redirect users with Windows to the web url (using local Internet Explorer) a...
    Patrick van den Born 0 comments
  • 1

    Option to hide Tile header Completed

    It would be great if we could hide a tiles header. Now that we can use Iframes to embed other pages, the Tile header just looks out of place sometimes. Being able to hide it for selected apps would...
    Morten Reinhardtsen 0 comments
  • 2

    File-Server integration - Copy as Completed

    We would like the same "copy as" function within file-server integration as in SharePoint Online. When one browses through the files and selects a file one has the choice "copy as" in the SharePoin...
    Berry Waanders 1 comment
  • 2

    Conditional Access when opening files (local apps vs webapps) Completed

    We would like to have a way to "hide" the "Open in ... (local app)" under certain circumstances. The most generic reason would be the fact that for security reasons WebDav is made availeble to the ...
    Kay-Arne van Dalfsen 2 comments
  • 4

    Present Fileservers / File sources only to certain groups Completed

    We would like to have a way to present specific fileserver / file services to specific groups only. At this moment when a fileserver source is created within a tenant the source is visible to all u...
    Kay-Arne van Dalfsen 1 comment
  • 1

    Different admin levels Completed

    Wens: Als gebruiker Zouden we graag een gebruiker als poweruser aan willen wijzen en deze een aantal functies willen toewijzen waaronder gebruikers beheer of eventueel de mogelijkheid om een nieuw...
    Gijs van Hees 0 comments
  • 2

    Quick viewer for pictures within DMS Completed

    Wens: Als gebruiker zouden we graag bestanden als tiles kunnen weergeven zodat we foto’s of tekeningen sneller terug kunnen vinden. In windows fotoviewer kan je ook voor en achteruit bladeren in f...
    Gijs van Hees 2 comments
  • 2

    Live tile for Microsoft To Do Completed

    Hi, There's something called Microsoft To Do, which is in case of Office 365, a sub-feature coupled with the To Do list of your Exchange Online mailbox. It would be nice to be able to: have a Live...
    Ka-Ming So 0 comments
  • 0

    Implement correct drag-n-drop functional for uploading files/folder... Completed

    Currently if you want to upload files/folders in WebDav you need to open Upload pop up at first and only after that you can drag-n-drop files/folders there. It is inconsistency, because in normal S...
    Roman Zabrovskiy 0 comments
  • 1

    Select a different folder for Live Email Tile Completed

    I have rules on Exchange to move emails into subfolders of Inbox based on criteria, e.g. move notifications from VSTS or Workspace to their dedicated folders. However, when new email arrives and mo...
    Oleg Volkov 0 comments
  • 1

    API to set or update integration credentials Completed

    In the managed active directory domain-environments of our customers, account provisioning and password synchronisation is managed via automated IDM processes. Whenever a user changes his password ...
    Roland Leijten 0 comments
  • 4

    Make multiple sets of login credentials available per customer work... Completed

    Workspace 365 now uses one set of credentials to use and login on all applications. It would be really nice to have multiple sets with credentials available per workspace customer so they can profi...
    Jurgen Bravenboer 0 comments
  • 8

    Office365 teams integratie Completed

    Hallo, Op vraag van onze klanten willen we graag een meer doorgedreven integratie van Microsoft Teams. De feeds zouden ook als rss feeds moeten beschikbaar zijn.   Hopelijk kunnen jullie zo iets le...
    peter viellefont 2 comments
  • 1

    Calender uitnodigingen inzien en kunnen accepteren Completed

    - Bij een agenda verzoek kunnen zien welke dag welke tijd de afspraak is en kunnen accepteren of kunnen weigeren vanuit het mailtje.  
    Ruben Bruinekool 0 comments
  • 1

    Mailtjes van mailboxen kunnen verplaatsen/verslepen Completed

    Mailtje van de ene mailbox naar de andere mailbox verslepen
    Margon Mink 1 comment