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If you are missing a feature in Workspace 365, feel free to register your request! We are monitoring these requests constantly. Up-voting and Down-voting of requests will help us evaluate the importance of the feature. However, if we notice the impact of your feature request could be big, we might develop it in the near future. The feature request process is as follow: Feature request -> Business/use case -> UX -> Refinement(s) -> Planning.

Please provide the following information. You can post a new idea or search for ideas already submitted.

Posting Rules:

Before you send your request, check to make sure someone hasn’t already submitted your idea. And, if they have, a “vote” is an easy way to support this idea. You can also discuss on ideas if you want to make additions or variation. We read the requests and comments, please follow the simple rules below or your request could be removed/edited/merged.

  • - Request in English
  • - Brief title
  • - Description of desired feature
  • - Why the feature is needed

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  • 4

    Date format dd/mm/yyyy Completed

    Can we please have the ability to see documents with the date New Zealand date format of dd/mm/yyyy.  This is really important to our customers and is causing a lot of confusion ie a document that ...
    Nicole Manilal 2 comments
  • 0

    Edit New menu Answered

    In Sharepoint you have the option to edit the New Menu. This way you can for example add a different Word-template. It would be awesome if this is implemented in the Workspace
    M Robben 2 comments
  • 7

    Change Text color per tile Completed

    In some situations the text of the icon is not visible due to background color of the app. It would be usefull if we can change the text color per app tile.
    Taco Piek 2 comments
  • 2

    Change default font in mail client Feedback needed

    We would like to set a default font for the e-mail app in Workspace. 
    Snordkamp 2 comments
  • 3

    file explorer is erg traag Feedback needed

    File browsing is erg traag dit is bij sharepoint als ook bij webdav het geval. Klanten zijn niet via wifi geconnect. Echter zijn ze het browsen sneller gewend omdat de files voorheen als share besc...
    Ernst Jan Dunnewold 2 comments
  • 2

    Conditional Access when opening files (local apps vs webapps) Completed

    We would like to have a way to "hide" the "Open in ... (local app)" under certain circumstances. The most generic reason would be the fact that for security reasons WebDav is made availeble to the ...
    Kay-Arne van Dalfsen 2 comments
  • 2

    Quick viewer for pictures within DMS Completed

    Wens: Als gebruiker zouden we graag bestanden als tiles kunnen weergeven zodat we foto’s of tekeningen sneller terug kunnen vinden. In windows fotoviewer kan je ook voor en achteruit bladeren in f...
    Gijs van Hees 2 comments
  • 0

    Make your own Sharepoint content types available in Workspace 365 Feedback needed

    In Sharepoint you can create your own content types, so that when you are in a document library and you click "new" you can choose between the content types you created. For example an empty Word d...
    Jaap Schuttel 2 comments
  • 8

    Office365 teams integratie Completed

    Hallo, Op vraag van onze klanten willen we graag een meer doorgedreven integratie van Microsoft Teams. De feeds zouden ook als rss feeds moeten beschikbaar zijn.   Hopelijk kunnen jullie zo iets le...
    peter viellefont 2 comments
  • 1

    WhatsApp Answered

    is there a way to integrate WhatsApp or any other social media into W365. In our firm we get files through social media and we would like to store these files in our matters.
    Frank Eggink - De Kempenaer Advocaten 2 comments
  • 3

    Aanpassingen kolommen in Documents App Completed

    Een klant wil graag de kolom bestandsgrootte toegevoegd zien in de view van de documents app
    Ramon Micklei 2 comments
  • 3

    Move data from OneDrive "MyDocuments" to Sharepoint "SharedDocument... Answered

    Couple customers would like to move dat from their personal area to the shared and vice versa. Think this would be a great feature
    Coen Brands 2 comments
  • 3

    Tegel groepen breder ipv langer Completed

    Graag de mogelijkheid inbouwen om groepen met tegel breder te maken ipv langer. Tevens de mogelijkheid om groepen onder elkaar te plaatsen. Nu kan het voorkomen dat je hele lange groep met 20 tegel...
    Gerard Mulder 2 comments
  • 5

    Option to move a complete folders in Sharepoint Completed

    We'd like the option to move not only files but also entire folders in SharePoint. At the moment it is only possible at file level.
    Pedro Toeter 2 comments
  • 1

    Muti tenant: backup and restore tenant configuration Not planned

    In a multi tenant environment we would like to be able to backup and restore the configuration of a tenant. This in case a tenant gets corrupt or something else, then we would like to restore the c...
    Gerard Roosengarten 2 comments
  • 0

    Tiles available by location of the user Completed

    A nice feature would be if tiles would be available (or not) based on the location of the user. If someone is at work he / she has more / other tiles available than connection through VPN or throug...
    Gerard Roosengarten 2 comments
  • 1

    Rename Clientless RDP title to application name Completed

    When a user starts a RemoteApp from Workspace 365, the browser tab is titled Clientless RDP. This can be very confusing for users. Is it possible to rename it to the name of the application?   Thanks!
    Ben Meints 2 comments
  • 0

    Share a site with users or groups Completed

    Currently only file sharing is possible. We want this option also for sites. In most cases, site permissions will be set using the SharePoint UI. But like in SharePoint we would like an option to i...
    John Bontjer 2 comments
  • 1

    Open document folder after searching for document Completed

    A document can be found via search, but there is no information about the location of this file. Please show name of the document folder (Relative URL) in search results view Add to context menu...
    John Bontjer 2 comments
  • 6

    Multiple workspace templates Not planned

    At this moment only one workspace template is possible. This template can be set for all users. What we would is to have multiple templates. And the template(s) can be assigned to one or multiple p...
    Gerard Roosengarten 2 comments
  • 2

    Yammer integration Completed

    I really like the RSS integration in the workspace. Can you add something like this for Yammer as well? We use this product a lot!
    Ben Meints 2 comments
  • 1

    Categorize apps that are visible to users Answered

    At the moment, as an admin, you can create apps, that a user can then add to their workspace. All apps are now not organized. I would like the option to add an category so that users can find new a...
    Ben Meints 2 comments
  • 0

    User bulk management Completed

    Deleting or adding users to a group with bulk option
    Maik Berkelmans 2 comments
  • 2

    Load pictures in e-mail messages Completed

    By default you should click on the link "Click here to show the pictures" before you can see the pictures in the e-mail. It would be a great feature, like outlook, that you can enable them by defau...
    Remco van Lent 2 comments
  • 1

    Notification option for when inviting other when sharing files via ... Completed

    When the user clicks "Invite user" when a file is selected. He'll get a popup in where he can enter the mail of the user. In addition it would be nice if the user would have a checkbox, that if che...
    Danny Koelewijn 2 comments
  • 2

    2-Way authentication Completed

    We would like to see 2-way authentication within Workspace365. Microsoft Office365 is working with it, but when I enable the function for my office365. Login with Workspace365 is not working.
    Remco van Lent 2 comments
  • 1

    Option to open multiple Office screens at once Completed

    As a user I want to open multiple Office screens via some functionality in the Folders & Files app, so that I can multi-task more easily.
    Danny Koelewijn 2 comments
  • 0

    Support for VMware Horizon Feedback needed

    As more and more customers of RDS- or VDI-solutions decide to invest their money rather in VMware Horizon instead of Citrix VAD, we recommend to have support for Horizon environments.
    Andreas Zika 1 comment
  • 6

    WebDav Integration cred / Fileservers Feedback needed

    - implement Fileserver group membership - now everyone sees all the fileservers - diverent rights per fileserver entry
    ArjanVijn 1 comment
  • 6

    2 lines with application name instead of 1 single line Completed

    At this moment only 1 line is available/visible of the application name. If the application name is too long, it will be trimmed off at a certain point. It would be nice if two lines are visible wi...
    Rick Kuppen 1 comment