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If you are missing a feature in Workspace 365, feel free to register your request! We are monitoring these requests constantly. Up-voting and Down-voting of requests will help us evaluate the importance of the feature. However, if we notice the impact of your feature request could be big, we might develop it in the near future. The feature request process is as follow: Feature request -> Business/use case -> UX -> Refinement(s) -> Planning.

Please provide the following information. You can post a new idea or search for ideas already submitted.

Posting Rules:

Before you send your request, check to make sure someone hasn’t already submitted your idea. And, if they have, a “vote” is an easy way to support this idea. You can also discuss on ideas if you want to make additions or variation. We read the requests and comments, please follow the simple rules below or your request could be removed/edited/merged.

  • - Request in English
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  • - Description of desired feature
  • - Why the feature is needed

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    API to send Announcements Completed

    HI,    I would like to use Flows and generate Announcements via API. Should be similar to the activity stream API.  JSON Structure.  Would be useful, if someone updates information somewhere and a ...
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
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    Activity / API / Enhancement Completed

    Hi,  Activity API is a huge improvement. While designing some of my new API call based actions I noticed that I miss the ability to have "action" buttons. So I would like to ask for a way to contro...
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
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    Documents sort by up and down Feedback needed

    By default documents order of sharepoint sites are sorted in alpabetical order. We can move the sites and teams up or down But in the document site structure we cannot move the library up or down. ...
    Robert Koreman | IT Support Groep 0 comments
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    New email change from address Feedback needed

    When composing a new email in the workspace365 app we want to be able to change the from address. A lot of users have "send as" or "send on behalf" permissions of shared mailboxes. Is this possible...
    Remco Tiel 0 comments
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    Create a TO-DO from mail in email app Feedback needed

    Hi,    I would like to create a TO-DO entry from an email out of the email app   Regards Reinhard 
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
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    Make TO-DO a side-bar similar to Activity Feedback needed

    Hi,    I would like to see a pinned side-bar similar to Activity, but with TO-DO "My day" items. Maybe we can stack two sidebars :-) Could look like this      Regards   Reinhard 
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
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    Allow "Announcements App" to be a TAB Feedback needed

    Hi,    With the new GRID View Announcements would be cool as "TAB". and also as a large Tile Size (in % of Space) ... 100% x 25% and pinned on-top! would look then like this 
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
  • 5

    Tile Size 8x2 und 8x4 Feedback needed

    Hi  I sometimes want to have a Tiles with 8x2 and 8x4, could this be made possible. This would save space and allow better stacking of tiles. TO-DO, RSS, Personal Adressbook ... all of them come wi...
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
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    Mail from Documents Feedback needed

    Please make it possible to mail directly (share) from Documents.
    Patrick de Jong 0 comments
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    Make it possible to show "Displayname" instead of "Firstname Lastna... Feedback needed

    When people react to announcements, their "Firstname Lastname" is shown. Often the name shown is incorrect because middlenames, prefixes and personal choice is ignored in those AAD fields. Choosing...
    Heiko Verlande 0 comments
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    Read-Only Provisioning Key Feedback needed

    It would be nice if we could also have a read-only provisoning key to interact with the REST api. This would allow us to use the RO key for things like reporting without giving away all permissions
    Marcel Braak 0 comments
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    The MS TEAMS app does not honor the documents app settings Feedback needed

    HI,    I have configured the documents app to open in a "New Window" instead of overlapping my workspace cockpit. Works fine! When I now use my teams app und select a team and use "open files" the ...
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
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    Micro-App / Function notification Password expiration Feedback needed

    Can we get  AD Password expiration notification into "Activity"? If yes , it would be helpful then, when the message has an optional URL to the Password Selfsevice System many customers have in pla...
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
  • 2

    Additional UPN info in logfiles Feedback needed

    Hi Workspace365 team, While troubleshooting an issue for a customer, we used the logfiles of Workspace365.In these logfiles we can see userid's (uid%%) but not the associated UPN of the user. The o...
    Koen Klein Brinke 0 comments
  • 1

    RBAC model for administrive privileges Feedback needed

    For now it is only possible to make a user admin within the Workspace365 portal and having all privileges coming with that.It would however be great if you can give a user privileges on each separa...
    Ralph Zeegers 1 comment
  • 1

    Conditional Access - Managed / Unmanaged Workplace Feedback needed

    Is there anything on the horizon to integreate more with Microsoft Intune regarding conditional access requirments and options?For our larger customers with changing and complex environments, the c...
    Ralph Zeegers 0 comments
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    Make "clickable" item more visible in Activity View Feedback needed

    HI,    It took me some time to find out that "activity" contains action buttons in addition to the garbage can. Enhancement Request:   Make the action buttons (words) look like any hyperlink (Blue...
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
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    Drag and Drop email (MSG or EML file) from WorkSpace Email app to a... Feedback needed

    Please consider the option to drag and drop email (msg or eml file) from the Workspace email app to Sharepoint folder.
    Walter Van Wijk 0 comments
  • 3

    Overall search in documenttab within W365 Planned

    An overal search is missing in the documentstab. You must define your search directly to a specific document library. I wouwld like that you could search over all subsites, just like SharePoint.
    Jorik Polhuis 1 comment
  • 0

    Default in People App Feedback needed

    HI,  I have the People app in my private area and always switch to the "Organization" view, since most of my contacts are here. Every time I switch between TAB Views, People App switches back to "P...
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
  • 2

    Opening PDF files in Acrobat Reader Feedback needed

    Kunnen jullie het mogelijk maken (misschien is hier zelfs al over nagedacht) om pdf bestanden die bijvoorbeeld vanuit de documenten-tile benaderd worden ook geopend te kunnen krijgen in Acrobrat Re...
    Willem Jonkers 2 comments
  • 0

    Open Browser TAB instead of "TAB from App" / Conditional Access Feedback needed

    Hi,  I am working with the new "TAB from App" feature now for a while. And I found switching back and forth from Personal to any TAB slower then doing it with the same content with pure browser tab...
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
  • 0

    Rename the TABS created from Apps Feedback needed

    HI,    I would like to see the ability to change the name of a TAB (when it was created from an App).  This is currently not possible.  Regards Reinhard 
    Reinhard Travnicek 0 comments
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    API access to the Workspace 365 settings Feedback needed

    We would like to have the ability to get (and put) the information that is available under settings through an API. This will be used for reporting and administrative purposes, for example getting ...
    Dennis Kan 1 comment
  • 0

    Remove/hide empty categories from the announcment live tile Planned

    If empty categories (for example uncategorized) exist under announcements, it is not neccesseary to display them on the announcements live tile. Is it possible to hide these categories?
    Edwin Friesen 1 comment
  • 0

    seperate handling of documents Answered

    It takes quite some time to generate your list of documents / sites. During this time it is not possible to start apps in the same browser session. It would be better to: - seperate the document ha...
    Leonard Verspui 2 comments
  • 0

    Directly open external URL from clicking on announcement in live tile Answered

    Hi, My customer has an intranet. They publish information on that intranet. To easily access the information on the intranet for their endusers, they want to make announcements in Workspace365 that...
    Rob Noordanus 1 comment
  • 4

    Option for "Chatbot" like the How-to tile Answered

    It would be great if there would be a possibility to enable a chatbot where end users can ask a question about functionality of the workspace with the A.I. technology of the How-to tile. With tips ...
    Ferry Moorman 1 comment
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    ClientlessRDP openen in twee tabs Feedback needed

    Het zou handig zijn als je twee apps (beide aangeboden via ClientlessRDP) tegelijkertijd kan openen en dus in twee verschillende tabbladen. Op die manier kunnen ze of tegelijkertijd in twee verschi...
    Ricardo Goud 0 comments
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    Enable SSO for File servers / RDS environnement Feedback needed

    As requested by a customer of us, enable SSO to RDS / File servers. Currently they need to adjust their current working password and they need to adjust it in WSP365 also. It results in account locks.
    Rob Castermans 1 comment