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If you are missing a feature in Workspace 365, feel free to register your request! We are monitoring these requests constantly. Up-voting and Down-voting of requests will help us evaluate the importance of the feature. However, if we notice the impact of your feature request could be big, we might develop it in the near future. The feature request process is as follow: Feature request -> Business/use case -> UX -> Refinement(s) -> Planning.

Please provide the following information. You can post a new idea or search for ideas already submitted.

Posting Rules:

Before you send your request, check to make sure someone hasn’t already submitted your idea. And, if they have, a “vote” is an easy way to support this idea. You can also discuss on ideas if you want to make additions or variation. We read the requests and comments, please follow the simple rules below or your request could be removed/edited/merged.

  • - Request in English
  • - Brief title
  • - Description of desired feature
  • - Why the feature is needed

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  • 2

    Add Tilesize grids Feedback needed

    Currently the below app tiles sizes are available.  1x1 2x2 4x4 4x6 4x8 6x6 6x8 8x6 8x8 Now these are great sizes, but iam missing the following sizes in the grid pattern.  6x4 8x4 These grid s...
    Sean Melker 3 comments
  • 2

    Announcement - Edit Function Planned

    After creation of an announcement, I came to the conclusion that there was an typo within the message. After returning I noticed there is no Edit function within this area. So I only could delete t...
    Ralph Zeegers 1 comment
  • 2

    Group multiple icons under 1 icon Feedback needed

    To save space, it would be useful to group several icons under one icon (as you can on your mobile) I made a picture of it.   * Edited: Translated to English, thanks Google Translate. Please refer...
    Paul Siemes 1 comment
  • 2

    Opening PDF files in Acrobat Reader Feedback needed

    Kunnen jullie het mogelijk maken (misschien is hier zelfs al over nagedacht) om pdf bestanden die bijvoorbeeld vanuit de documenten-tile benaderd worden ook geopend te kunnen krijgen in Acrobrat Re...
    Willem Jonkers 2 comments
  • 2

    Planner - Live Tile Feedback needed

    Any plans to include a live tile for planner?
    Kris Cook 0 comments
  • 2

    TopDesk Live Tile Completed

    Create the possibility for customers to use a TopDesk LiveTile. For now it is only possible to connect 1 Topdesk for the Partner Use.
    Leo van de Haar 0 comments
  • 2

    Notifications - "View Details" hyperlink to be in a different font ... Feedback needed

    Can the ""View Details" hyperlink be a different font color or style to the Notifications Title.  We completed usability tests with our employees where we set the Notification to not be automatical...
    Jocelyn Brittain 2 comments
  • 2

    Use of wildcards in Azure AD Sync Group Filtering Feedback needed

    We have the possibility to select particular groups in the group filtering section of the Azure AD Sync Tool. It would be nice if we would be able to use wildcards so when we create new groups on w...
    Marcel Braak 1 comment
  • 2

    sharepoint in rss feed laat de titels zien inplaats van de namen va... Completed

    in rss feed worden de sharepoint documenten op documentnaam weer gegeven. Graag de titel weergeven
    Ernst Jan Dunnewold 1 comment
  • 2

    Multiple downloads from WebDav/Fileserver Feedback needed

    The possibility to download multiple files/folders when using a Webdav server as FileServer.  
    Peter Mekes 0 comments
  • 2

    Create an Outlook add-in for saving and adding attachments Feedback needed

    Since the workspace e-mailclient doesn't always have the features that Outlook has, why not think the other way and create a plug-in that integrates in Outook and Outlook on the web. As an example ...
    Michel ten Hove 0 comments
  • 2

    Change default font in mail client Feedback needed

    We would like to set a default font for the e-mail app in Workspace. 
    Snordkamp 2 comments
  • 2

    Support voor "nested groups" Feedback needed

    Ondersteuning voor nested groups vanuit de on-premise Active Directory
    Peter Mekes 1 comment
  • 2

    Copy folders within Workspace documents Completed

    When I open Office 365 SharePoint I can copy folders from one directory to another. When I try this within Workspace documents I only see this option when I select a file instead the whole folder. 
    Emiel Zwart 0 comments
  • 2

    Option to create a tile which opens a new page (for tiles) Feedback needed

    As an end user and as an admin I'd like to be able to create a tile which opens a new page on my desktop on which I can place new tiles. Microsoft has this functionality in its Azure portal tiles. ...
    Mark Lammerse 1 comment
  • 2

    Manage multiple workspace environments from a central place Feedback needed

    Waar wij nu als dealer tegen aan lopen is het beheer van de verschillende klant Workspaces.   Graag zien we een mogelijkheid om vanuit een centraal punt meerdere klant omgevingen te kunnen beheren ...
    Michel 0 comments
  • 2

    Make "Reply all" a default action in the Reply menu in Email Completed

    "Reply all" is a good netiquette and should be used more often than "Reply", but in Workspace 365, it requires two extra clicks to perform
    Oleg Volkov 1 comment
  • 2

    Conditional Access based on X-Forwarderd-For header Completed

    I Would like to have the possibility to use conditional access based on the X-Forwarded-For header. We are using a proxy in front of the Workspace 365 portal and we cannot forward de client source ...
    Peter Ansink 0 comments
  • 2

    Redirected printers in ClientlessRDP Not planned

    Ik zou graag zien dat er een mogelijkheid is om Redirected printers mee te nemen in de Clientless RDP verbinding.   Klanten vinden de Clientless PDF printer niet altijd even gebruikers vriendelijk.
    Frank Riethorst [DLA ICT] 0 comments
  • 2

    Bigger tiles & Set tile size manually Feedback needed

    It would be great if we could set the tile size manually. Now that we can use Iframes, it makes sense to have much bigger tiles.   If it's not possible to set the tile size manually, we would like ...
    Morten Reinhardtsen 0 comments
  • 2

    File-Server integration - Search database Feedback needed

    We would like to request a search database for file-server integration. In the current setup, webdav to file-server, Workspace only searches in the root of the container your in. We would like to s...
    Berry Waanders 1 comment
  • 2

    File-Server integration - Copy as Completed

    We would like the same "copy as" function within file-server integration as in SharePoint Online. When one browses through the files and selects a file one has the choice "copy as" in the SharePoin...
    Berry Waanders 1 comment
  • 2

    Conditional Access when opening files (local apps vs webapps) Completed

    We would like to have a way to "hide" the "Open in ... (local app)" under certain circumstances. The most generic reason would be the fact that for security reasons WebDav is made availeble to the ...
    Kay-Arne van Dalfsen 2 comments
  • 2

    View.msg files in Workspace 365 Documents Feedback needed

    If you try to open a .msg file from the Workspace 365 portal the .msg file is downloaded from the portal. If you open the file from OneDrive it automatically displays the email message. Users with ...
    Robert Steeghs 1 comment
  • 2

    Quick viewer for pictures within DMS Completed

    Wens: Als gebruiker zouden we graag bestanden als tiles kunnen weergeven zodat we foto’s of tekeningen sneller terug kunnen vinden. In windows fotoviewer kan je ook voor en achteruit bladeren in f...
    Gijs van Hees 2 comments
  • 2

    Live tile for Microsoft To Do Completed

    Hi, There's something called Microsoft To Do, which is in case of Office 365, a sub-feature coupled with the To Do list of your Exchange Online mailbox. It would be nice to be able to: have a Live...
    Ka-Ming So 0 comments
  • 2

    Add in a filter for outlook Feedback needed

      If you log on in portal.office.com and check your email, there is a Filter option so you can also change your view (to conversations) Filters--> View--> Conversation Customers who are accessing t...
    Gijs van den Berg 0 comments
  • 2

    Intergratie van Sharepoint Team calandar Feedback needed

    Graag zien wij een intergratie van de Sharepoint Team calandar. Momenteel is het alleen mogelijk om de Exchange calandar weer te geven in de workspace omgeving.
    Jork Eggels 1 comment
  • 2

    Optie voor het wel of niet verzenden van notificaties bij de user i... Completed

    Graag zouden wij een optie bij de user import zien (checkbox) waarmee je kan aangeven of er wel of geen notificatie gestuurd dient te worden naar de gebruikers die geïmporteerd zijn, momenteel kan ...
    Jork Eggels 0 comments
  • 2

    Filter documents within a documentlibrary within the documentstab Completed

    At this moment there is not a filter within the documenttab in W365. In SharePoint this is an primary feature in the document library. A lot of users love this feature, and in large documentlibrary...
    Jorik Polhuis 4 comments