Release notes Workspace 365 v3.59.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.59.0 was deployed on 13-04-2023 between 22:00 PM and 0:00 AM Central European Time. ​The following has been implemented:



  • If someone gives a reaction on your announcement comment, you will get an activity in the Activity feed. If you are the creator of an announcement and people react on the announcement, you will also receive an activity.
  • If you have access to a new event, you will get an activity.
  • With this release, we introduce a new integration with Magister. Magister is a Dutch app used in the schooling system in secondary education. Our integration provides two live tiles: Grades and Schedule. In the Grades tile, the most recent grades of the user are presented. In the Schedule live tile, the user can switch between a day and week view which show the school classes of the user.


  • It was not possible to upload a large file to file server documents.
  • It was not possible to rename a tile group when the name was empty.
  • “Create and manage all events and categories” group permission could not be changed.
  • It was not possible to create a copy of a document or folder in the same directory.
  • It looked like you could change some fields of an archived knowledge item while it was not possible.
  • Publish button was not disabled for archived announcements.
  • For apps with a connection selection with a long name, the Add button would be displaced.
  • To-Do app would display in completed deleted tasks.
  • It was not possible to resize tables in the Hub item composer for existing items.


  • Improved the findability for items in SharePoint through search.
  • Improved the styling for emails with a subject in the global search results.
  • In the Announcement carousel/tiles view, words in the title are moved to the second line if they don’t fit the first line.
  • We now support infinite scrolling instead of pagination for SharePoint documents.
  • It’s possible to view attachments in the Email composer.
  • We modernised the list items in the global search results.
  • We improved the styling and interaction of the Manage sidebar for document libraries. The position of items can be changed using drag-and-drop.
  • We improved the design of the view email page.  
  • In the Email app, the actionbar is now at the right of the email list.
  • Renamed the “Email address” label to “Username” in Exchange settings.
  • It’s now possible to search in sub folders in the Item picker dialog.
  • Improved the responsive behaviour of the details information box in the Zermelo and Nedap ONS live tiles.