SharePoint search malfunction - libraries may be missing


You may currently experience issues in the documents application. SharePoint document libraries may not show in either the documents app or under site availability in the Workspace settings.

This is caused by a malfunction in the SharePoint Online search functionality. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and is working on a fix. See the latest update from Microsoft below, or refer to the Service health in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Final Update 27-04-2023 21:21 (CEST). We have identified and fixed the underlying issue which resulted in this severe impact to users and confirmed that it is no longer occurring within the originally impacted Microsoft 365 services. We've confirmed a rare secondary impact behavior in which users may receive incomplete returns from search queries. This issue is a result of functional issues within the search index encountered during search query requests and impacts approximately one percent of user queries.

We're continuing our previously described course of action to finalize a valid fix for this issue; however, any fix for this issue will require a detailed and time-intensive process to ensure proper service performance is maintained at current levels for the duration of the repair. We will provide ongoing SHD updates during this period, which will be provided through a separate notification.


Update 26-04 2023 03:54 (CEST). Our focus remains on understanding and addressing the residual impact from this event. We’re currently testing our proposed short-term changes within our testing internal environments to validate its efficacy. If successful, we will push our change to the affected Production infrastructure. Additionally, we are still observing a small percentage (approximately one) of active search traffic is still impacted. Due to our focus on retaining high levels of availability and caution regarding this incident, we expect our testing to take an extended period. We greatly appreciate the patience we’ve received from your organization and users.

Update 25-04-2023 16:14 (CEST). The long-term primary fix has been deployed to the affected infrastructure. We’re monitoring the environment to ensure there is no residual impact.

Update 25-04-2023 14:17 (CEST). Our validation workstreams for the long-term primary fix are complete. We’re deploying the fix to the affected infrastructure and expect this to complete within 2 hours.

Update 25-04-2023 12:26 (CEST). The short-term mitigations have been applied across the affected infrastructure and we’re seeing positive feedback from customers and telemetry. Our validation workstreams for the long-term primary fix is ongoing and are in the final stages before deployment.