Release notes Workspace 365 v3.61.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.61.0 will be deployed on 25-05-2023 between 22:00 PM and 0:00 AM Central European Time. ​The following will be implemented when this version goes live:



  • It’s now possible to mention workspace contacts when commenting on an announcement. You can mention people using the @ sign.
  • When you are mentioned in an announcement comment by someone else, you will receive an activity in the Activity feed.


Previously, we allowed web content to navigate the workspace page which hosts the web content. When your web content utilizes top window navigation, this will no longer work. We changed this because we do not want web content tiles/apps to redirect the workspace main page. Redirecting within the web content tile will still work.

  • Empty context menus could be displayed.
  • Searching for tags for knowledge items was not debounced.
  • Long Hub item titles were not properly ellipsed in all cases.
  • Three dots button in The Hub had incorrect styling.
  • Margins were missing for the information message in the email viewer.
  • It was not possible to move documents to a root folder.
  • The validation message for the external event URL field for events was unclear.
  • The validation message for the available spots field for events was incorrect.
  • When an email was sent using the Email app, the line breaks (made with ENTER) would not be displayed correctly in other email clients.
  • Pen icon was too close to the text in the Documents app and Item Selector in mobile view.
  • It was not possible to open a link from the Rich Text Editor.
  • Transparent button hover styles were duplicated.
  • Hovering the first row of the Table View component would hide the header border.
  • It was possible to execute a global search without search terms.


  • Standardized the visuals of the Workspace management settings page.
  • Improved the Hub item preview text in cases of line breaks.
  • We no longer show any Nedap ONS data when a user is just an employee in Nedap ONS and not a user.
  • We now hide the “Upload” and “Sync” actions when you have a selection in the Documents app.
  • We modernized the workspace header.
  • We made a start to improve the user experience of the email list.
  • The header section in The Hub (with the search field and sort by function) stays visible when scrolling on mobile.