Troubleshooting Power BI

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In the article Configure Power BI for (guest) users, you learned how to set up the Power BI live tile for (guest) users. However, you may run into some issues during configuration or experience issues with the Power BI live tile. Keep on reading to troubleshoot these issues. 


Errors & Solutions

"Could not retrieve the workspaces from Power BI"

Explanation: in Workspace, this error message occurs when you try to create the Power BI app from the App store, but don't have sufficient permissions to do so.

Solution: verify you have the correct API permissions as described in the requirements.


"Could not retrieve the dashboards from Power BI"

Explanation: this error message may be caused by a missing API permission or because you don't have a dashboard in Power BI (Workspace specifically looks for Power BI items with the "Dashboard" type)


  • Verify you have the correct API permissions as described in the requirements.
  • Create a new dashboard in PowerBI
  • If you already have reports in a Power BI workspace, do the following:
    • Open the report
    • Click the ellipses in the top right
    • Select "Pin to dashboard"


"Could not retrieve the tile from Power BI"

Explanation: this error message is caused by a limitation within the browser itself. The browser allows limited connections (e.g. 5 or 6) at the same time, but Power BI leave these connections open. Therefore, too many connections are open for the browser to show in the live tile.

Solution: refresh the page frequently. 


"Incomplete tile configuration"

Explanation: this error message occurs when you search for the Power BI tile in the App store and add it directly from the App store to your Workspace. When adding the Power BI tile to your Workspace, the tile must first be created (configured) in the App store.


  1. Go to the App store.
  2. Click 'Create tile'.
  3. Select the Power BI app.
  4. Click 'Create'.
  5. When done configuring the app you can add it to Workspace.

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