Release notes Workspace 365 v3.62.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.62.0 was deployed on 15-06-2023. Here are the release notes for this version:



  • When hovering documents in the Documents app, quick actions are visible. These actions allow users to interact faster.
  • The office location of a user is added to the User profile page and contact details dialog in the Address book.


  • The Toggle component did not have any hover/disabled cursor.
  • If the notification settings were opened using the link in the summary email, the toggles would all be enabled.
  • When composing a response email, the send date would always be in English.


  • We improved the performance of deleting announcement categories.
  • Lasso selection is now only available for the left mouse button.
  • Large numbers of views, likes, comments, and tags in The Hub are shown in a compact notation.
  • A copy button is visible when hovering the following text lines in the contact details dialog: email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays.
  • We improved the information message on the User profile page when user provisioning is enabled.
  • The Hub is now a dedicated page instead of a dialog. When opening Hub items from activity feed cards, they are still displayed in a dialog.
  • We improved the user experience of the email list in the Email app. It’s now possible to open an email without it being selected. Thereby, it’s now easier to select emails using the mouse and keyboard. Lastly, we improved keyboard navigation in the email list.
  • We improved the usage of the AFAS tile when a user does not have an email address configured in the workspace.
  • The design of the activity feed cards is modernised.
  • You can now right-click on an email attachment to get the available actions.
  • The context menu closes on the mouse down action instead of the mouse click action.