Release notes Workspace 365 v3.63.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.63.0 was deployed on 06-07-2023  


  • With this release, we introduce a preview version of the Workspace 365 V4. The new version can be enabled by switching the toggle at the far right in the actionbar. Read below a summary of the key characteristics and changes in the new version:
    • Workspace header
      • The workspace header is changed. Most of the navigation items are moved to the new global navigation bar at the left. The global search functionality is much more prominent in the new version: the search input field is directly visible and positioned in the middle of the header.
    • Global navigation bar
      • The new global navigation bar allows users to quickly navigate to the most important pages and apps in the product (e.g., Spaces, Documents, Email, Settings). Every item which is included in the global navigation contains a sub navigation sidebar. When hovering over an item, the sub navigation becomes visible. The sub navigation sidebar of the current page can be pinned by the user. On smaller viewports, the workspace contains a bottom navigation bar.
    • Personal and shared spaces
      • The tiles grid contains two columns.
      • Personal and shared spaces have a greeting message.
      • The actions in the actionbar (e.g., “Add tiles”, “Edit workspace”, “Groups”) are removed and now positioned at the top right above the grid using buttons.
      • On personal and shared spaces, the Activity feed is always visible. On other pages, the Activity feed can be pinned/unpinned.
      • The filter tiles functionality is removed.
  • When selecting multiple emails in the Email app, actions are shown in the right section.
  • The Hub app supports 1x1 and 2x2 tile sizes.


Technical items

  • We no longer distribute the “Browser not supported” page which was used in the past in case you tried to open the workspace in Internet Explorer.
  • The loading of announcements in the Hub utilizes server-side pagination.


  • When the mobile menu was opened, the profile button was on top of the overlay.
  • Fixed the styling where the horizontal and vertical scrollbars intersect for Chromium-based browsers.
  • Email live tiles would stop showing information if another Email live tile would not be able to load.
  • The "Back" button in The Hub would always lead to the all categories overview page.
  • The screen would change position every time you tap the mobile keyboard in The Hub composer.


  • We improved the user experience when trying to perform actions on a bookmark of a deleted item.
  • The date and time picker are now two separate input fields.
  • Renamed "Knowledge items" to "Knowledge articles" and use the term “Knowledge base” in some locations.
  • We improved the responsive behaviour of the Documents quick actions menu.