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Needed subscription: Boost


Business case

We wanted to extend the Global Search functionality - one of our most frequently used and highly valued features. By integrating Egnyte in our Global Search functionality, you can search for files and interact with content from the Egnyte Document Management System (DMS). This is especially useful for those who don't use SharePoint or OpenIMS as their DMS in Workspace 365.


About Egnyte in Global Search

Use Global Search to quickly search for files or open the file location in Egnyte.

In Global search, the "Top" category will show a maximum of 3 results and, and a maximum of 10 under the category "Egnyte". Can't find what you looking for? Click "Show more results" to specify your search or look scroll down through your Egnyte files.

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Egnyte works through oAuth. They don't have an option to get it hooked up with the Azure authority, which we use for e.g. SharePoint, Exchange, Liquit, etc. Egnyte built a separate system for it. This is why users can be notified when action is required, in case a user did not provide consent.

  • Consent is required when the user tries to use the Egnyte search for the first time.
  • Consent is required when the user changed their Egnyte password, which invalidates the stored user access token.

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  • A Workspace 365 Boost subscription
  • Developer account to create or access the App Registration in Egnyte
  • The App Registration in Egnyte must have the following configured:
    • Platform = Web App
    • Type = Publicly available application

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To set up the connection with Egnyte:

  1. Go to the Workspace admin settings page
  2. Select Integrations.
  3. Select Egnyte connection.
  4. Click New.
  5. Enter a Name. This will be the name displayed in Global Search.
  6. Look up the App Registration in Egnyte.
  7. Make sure the App Registration meets the requirements as mentioned above.
    • Platform = Web App
    • Type = Publicly available application
  8. Fill in the Domain URL (customer specific domain URL), as configured on the Egnyte public app under "Egnyte domain you will use for testing".
  9. Fill in the Key, as provided on the Egnyte public app.
  10. Fill in the Secret, as provided on the Egnyte public app.
  11. Copy the Redirect url from Workspace Egnyte connection and make sure it's the same as configured on the Egnyte public app's Registered OAuth Redirect URI.
  12. Click Add.


  13. Authentication is required. Click "Authenticate". 
  14. You will be asked to fill in your username and password from Egnyte.
  15. If authentication succeeds, click Finish. From this moment on, Egnyte is added as a tab to Global Search.
  16. When users want to use Egnyte Search:
    1. Select the Egnyte tab in Global Search.
    2. Search for something. They will be asked to authenticate first.
    3. To provide consent, click "Authenticate".
    4. Fill in the credentials from Egnyte to successfully go through the oAuth flow. 

For more troubleshooting information, please read the article Troubleshooting Egnyte

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Best practices

  • Can't find what you're looking for? Click "Show more results for Egnyte" to perform a full-text search and to specify your search.
    • Filters give you more control over the search you want to perform, helping you to find the file faster.
  • Be as specific as possible when you enter search terms to get the best, most-targeted results.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive. However, avoid spelling mistakes at all times.
  • Use "Recent searches" to your advantage to find information faster.

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