Release notes Workspace 365 v3.64.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.64.0 will be deployed on 27-07-2023 between 22:00 and 00:00 Central European Time. ​The following will be implemented when this version goes live:



  • We introduce larger tile groups and larger tile sizes for The Hub, Power BI, YouTube, and Web content. The larger tile groups are twice the size of a regular tile group. The new larger tiles sizes can only be used in the larger tile groups.
  • It’s now possible to remove event attendees via the Edit event dialog. Removed attendees get informed with an activity.
  • Egnyte integration which allows users to search for items from Egnyte via global search.
  • Users can search for event items in the global search functionality.
  • You can sort on the office location of personal and workspace contacts in the Address book.
  • Pinned knowledge articles are displayed in a separate section at the top of a category page.


  • The relevant announcements would always ask for data based on an author filter even when there was no filter selected.
  • An incorrect error message would be displayed when OpenIMS yielded no results.
  • The email list in the Email app used the sent time instead of the received time.
  • Name conflict resolution for chunked uploads did not work correctly for SharePoint.
  • Changing the event publication date didn’t reschedule the new event activity.
  • The space permission dialog would reset its state when not intended.
  • When you would send a shared link via email, the link was put after the signature.
  • The wrong text was highlighted when searching for people in the global search.
  • When you changed the read or flag state of the email being viewed from a place other than the email viewer actions, the viewer actions would not reflect this new state.
  • The scroll position didn’t refresh when you go to another audit logging table page.
  • Could not save personal workspace right after saving the workspace with the new group.
  • Tab navigation away from the tags component would not close the list of suggestions.
  • The global search scrollbar was only visible when you would hover over it.
  • Keyboard navigation was also performing scrolling of the global search list, even when it was not needed yet.
  • The SaveWelcomeScreenFormStep endpoint would always persist "0" instead of the provided formStep.
  • CollapsibleList itemStatesRef got corrupted when items were moved, inserted, or deleted.
  • There was a black line between contacts in the mentioning component.
  • The cursor in the mentioning component placeholder had incorrect behavior.
  • Trying to open a file with a virus from bookmarks provided 500.
  • Text styling buttons didn’t change their visual state to disabled in the text editor on touch devices until you tapped on another place.
  • Send birthday wishes dialog closed right after it was opened from the Activity feed.
  • The new workspace layout did not work properly in kiosk mode.
  • Very large files in the Shared with me folder would result in an error.


  • In mobile mode, we now show list items instead of cards for contacts in the Address book.
  • We extended the Zenya DOC integration by adding the possibility to use the email address (SMPT) or User Principal Name (UPN) for the username.
  • The styling of several select and picker components was made consistent.
  • The email list in the Email app is redesigned. The key changes are:
    • Prominent Compose button at the top of the list
    • “Select all” checkbox
    • Quick actions on list items
    • Email preview in list items
    • Removal of the Drag handle
  • Fixed some incorrect button states on touch devices.
  • Provide information on file formats, max file sizes, and recommended dimensions for image/video upload forms.
  • Always show More menu in table rows in the Documents app on touch devices.
  • Modernised the styling of the calendar component in the date picker.
  • Improve logging surrounding global app navigation.