Release notes Workspace 365 v3.68.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.68.0 has been deployed on 19-10-2023 between 22:00 and 00:00 Central European Time.



  • It's now possible to configure from within the product which domains are allowed to embed the workspace. A maximum of 10 domains can be listed.
  • It's possible to create tags for announcements.
  • The French language is available in the workspace.

Technical items

  • Improved performance of configuring permissions using User Groups.
  • The performance of the Calendar app is improved (specifically when there are a lot of appointments).


  • The mobile menu extends to the bottom of the screen when the safe area inset (for example, the Android navigation buttons).
  • It was possible to have multiple reminder notifications for the same events.
  • The rich text editor was still editable in disabled mode.
  • Resizing a tile so it wouldn't fit inside a small tile group anymore via the Edit tile user interface would result in an error.
  • The number of declined attendees was not correctly displayed in the appointment details box in the Calendar app.
  • The upcoming appointments view for the Calendar tile would show an infinite loading indicator when there were no appointments.
  • Reselecting the selected search scope in the Documents app search would result in no documents being displayed.
  • Weekly activities emails were not sent (due to an error in the activity time range).


  • The User profile page is redesigned. The new User profile page contains a front page presenting user information via a clean and attractive interface. Cards are used to display different kinds of user information. Users can now also set a cover photo in addition to the user profile picture. The user information can't be edited from this page but can be changed when clicking the "Edit" button in the actionbar. The new design will eventually also be used for the contact details in the Address book.              
  • The styling of the Button and Icon Button has changed. The Button variants are rounder than before. For the Icon Button, rounded variants are added to the more squared variants. The Secondary variants for both the Button and Icon Button have a lighter background colour, and a border is added.
  • The announcement cards in The Hub are restyled. In the new design, the thumbnail takes up the entire background of a card. Another change is that the cards have more rounded corners than before. The cards fill up the available space on a category page, so there is no unused space in an announcement row as in the current situation.
  • The hover area of the global navigation sidebar has increased. Previously, if your mouse cursor left the sidebar, the bar would close immediately. In the new situation, the sidebar will stay open if your cursor is within 24px outside the sidebar.
  • A "Go to Outlook" button is added to the actionbar on the Calendar app page. This will open the calendar in the Outlook Web App.