Release notes Workspace 365 v4.00.0


The release of Workspace 365 V4.00.0 was deployed on 09-11-2023. ​Here are the release notes for this version: 


V4 release

  • This is the V4 release. The "New layout" toggle is removed from the product. From now on, every user will use the new layout without the possibility to switch back to the classic layout.



  • We introduce the Advanced search functionality, where users can search more specifically using various filters. Advanced search can be accessed via the global search function in the workspace header. It's an extension of the global search; it contains the same categories and item types. Advanced search results are more enriched compared to global search results. Users can scope their search using filters and sort options. For example, in the Announcements tab, users can filter on author and category and sort by publication date and number of views.
  • More calendars are supported in the Calendar app. This includes other calendars of the user and calendars of other people. You need at least 'Can view all details' permissions to someone else's calendar to view the events.
  • We detect and store the time zone of a user in the User profile settings. If the detected system time zone differs from the profile settings, we will ask the user if they want to change the time zone. In User profile settings, a user can always manually adjust the time zone.  

Technical items

  • In some configurations, for some endpoints, it could lead to a request which would never be completed.
  • We have updated our SCIM API to follow the case-insensitive rules from the specification.


  • The position of the group search box on the user management page was incorrect.
  • Adding a document to a knowledge article would crash the workspace page if no document integration was configured.
  • We improved the user experience in the Calendar app if Exchange was not configured.
  • OneNote notebooks created using the German language would still have the English proofing language.
  • When opening the calendar appointment details dialogue, the loading indicator was not visible.
  • In the Calendar live tile, if you switch from week to month view and back, the scroll position would go to the first day of the week.
  • The hover effect for calendar cards in the Calendar app was incorrect.
  • We improved the deep linking for OWA for mobile.
  • There were no Events and Knowledge items sections when there were no categories.


  • The setting "Enable your frequently used apps" is enabled for all environments.
  • The knowledge article cards in The Hub are modernized. They contain borders instead of shadows, rounded corners, and a new hover effect, and the entire card is clickable. Another change is that the cards show the added tags to the article. The cards fill up the available space in a category page, so there is no unused space in a knowledge article row as in the current situation.
  • The event cards in The Hub are also restyled. The design and functionality are similar to knowledge item cards. The biggest changes are that more event details are presented (e.g., online meeting indicator and event end time) and that the date indicator is below the thumbnail.
  • Contact details in the Address book are redesigned and have the same layout as the User profile page, released in release v3.68.0.
  • In the Calendar app, the time indicator is only shown on the current day, and the current day is highlighted.