Release notes Workspace 365 v4.1.0



  • The global search functionality now also searches the content of knowledge articles, not just the title.


  • Commenting on an announcement with a long description could result in a strange-looking view.
  • When a user would click on the already selected document library in the sidebar, it would hide the New and Upload actions in the action bar.
  • Weekly summary emails were missing activities from before Sunday.
  • The tag select component didn't work in the Firefox browser.
  • The more info button was missing in the title of the Edit local app dialog.
  • Recurring all-day appointments were shown on the previous day in the Calendar live tile.
  • The text in the Embed code alert bar (Web content apps) would violate the border if it was too long.
  • For newly created announcements, the time was displayed on the announcement card instead of the "Just now" text.
  • The reaction count was incorrect in larger Hub live tiles (17 cells in width).


  • The styling of the Action list component is changed. The height of the items is increased, and the check boxes are larger for improved usability.
  • The rounded variant of the Icon button is used in more places.
  • Thumbnail cards in Hub live tiles always show the details (e.g., date, number of comments), regardless of the live tile size.