Release notes Workspace 365 v4.5.0


The release of Workspace 365 v4.5.0 was deployed on 22-02-2024. Here are the release notes for this version:



  • A grid view is introduced for the Documents app. Users can switch from the list view to the grid view using a switch button at the top-right of the page. In the grid view, folders and files are displayed using cards. Files can contain thumbnails, which makes it easier to scan results and differentiate between them. The selected view is saved per device type.
  • It's now possible to group spaces via the Manage dialogue. Grouped spaces are displayed in an expandable section in the sidebar. A group is visible to users if they have access to one space within the group. The personal space, shared spaces and web content can be grouped.
  • A list view is added to the Address book app. The list view has two sections: the contact list on the left and the profile section on the right. The contact details are directly visible in the profile section if a contact is selected. The list view can be enabled by clicking the switch button at the top-right of the page. The selected view is saved in the browser.


  • Distribution lists were not suggested in the recipient selector in the email composer.
  • The user experience of the date/time picker is improved. The selected date was removed when the time input was (manually) updated, and the time was removed when the date input was updated. When a time was selected from the dropdown, and the field was active, the AM/PM couldn't be removed using backspace.
  • The daily/weekly email briefing didn't work when activities for newly available apps and planned maintenance were muted.
  • Sorting and filtering options in The Hub were not displayed correctly in mobile mode.
  • When an event contained tags and attendees, the attendee and tag count worked incorrectly.
  • When an admin tried to import a workspace template to the environment with a name that already existed in the past, an error occurred.
  • The manual Exchange configuration step in the welcome wizard was not working.
  • If an event's publication date/time were changed, it would still ask about sending an activity to the attendees.
  • RSS feeds that require a user agent header to be present did not work.
  • An infinite busy indicator was shown for custom SharePoint folders in the Documents live tile if SharePoint was no longer configured.
  • Dialogues with a sidebar were not displayed correctly on mobile.


  • The destination window setting of the Documents app is applied to the global navigation menu.
  • The user experience for configuring a Hub item's publication start/end is improved. Previously, the user had to leave the publication input field empty if you wanted to publish an item directly. In the new interface, radio buttons are used for setting the publication start/end: "Publish now" and "Set start date" for the publication start, and "No end date" and "Set end date" for the publication end.
  • A border is added to the Create button and global search bar in the workspace header.
  • It's possible to resize the width of the sub-navigation menu per page. The sizes of the menus are saved in the browser.
  • Dark theme colours have been adjusted.
  • The Join button in an event card is only visible if the button's height entirely fits in the card.
  • Hover and active styles have been updated.
  • A bottom border is added to the tab bar on spaces in mobile mode.
  • A right padding is added to the placeholder text in the global search bar.
  • More space is reserved for the page title in the mobile header.
  • The date/time is fully shown in Hub live tile cards.
  • If no 'sibling' items can be collapsed/expanded, no space is reserved for the chevron in the sub-navigation menu.
  • The Hub details page has been redesigned. In the new design, the two most recent comments are shown by default, and the rest can be shown by clicking the "Show all comments" button. The related items are shown below the comments section instead of at the right.
  • The height of the knowledge article card is increased so that all content fits in the card.