Release notes Workspace 365 v4.6.0


Workspace 365 version v4.6.0 has been released!



  • Users can change the sorting of announcement comments. There are two sorting options: "Newest on top" and "Oldest on top." By default, comments are sorted from newest to oldest (currently, it's old to new). Another change is that the first two comments are shown by default. The rest of the comments are hidden and can be displayed by clicking the "Show all comments" button.
  • The last pinned item in a category is shown at the top in The Hub live tile.
  • Disabling the daily/weekly email briefing for all workspace users is possible. This will prevent all users from getting an email briefing on workspace activities. If the feature is enabled, users can set their preferences for the weekly and daily briefing in the Notification settings. Admins can also change the default state for the weekly and daily briefings. The default state will be applied to new users. The default state can also be forced to all existing users, which will overwrite their current settings.

Technical items

  • The billing method is added to the customer info in the licensing API v3.5.
  • The value of the billing method will determine which license values will be set in the APS connect report.


  • The three-dot menu in the Manage mailboxes sidebar wasn't displayed correctly.
  • Long titles were not shown on pinned Hub item cards in Safari.
  • Colour picker text input lost focus after the first character was entered in the rich text editor.
  • When renaming a SharePoint folder with opened/locked files, a dialog with incorrect text will be shown.


  • The responsive menu, which appears on smaller viewports such as mobile and tablet devices, has a new design. The Close button at the bottom is removed, and a header with title and cross button is added. In advanced search, all responsive menus of the filters are now full height, which results in a better user experience.
  • The following fields in data tables contain tooltips: first names, last names, email addresses, and usernames.
  • Icons in Hub-related activity cards are based on The Hub app colour.
  • If there are no configurations for which integration credentials can be used, the integration credentials page is hidden from the Settings sidebar.
  • Improved multiple texts in the product. For example, "Upcoming birthdays" is changed to "Birthdays" in the email briefing.
  • The Notifications settings dialog has been redesigned. It now contains a menu with categories and items, creating a better overview for the user. Each setting has its own card.
  • The title input field is focused when creating or editing a Hub item, but this is not the case on touch devices.
  • Show Office icons in action lists and other menus.
  • Hide Rename/Delete options for the "Conversation history" folder in the Email app.
  • We added support for the new Microsoft Teams desktop client for opening external URLs.