Release notes Workspace 365 v4.7.0


Workspace 365 v4.7.0 has been deployed on 04-04-2024 between 22:00 and 00:00 Central European Time. ​The following has been implemented in this version:



  • It's now possible to link documents to announcements and events.
  • A setting to automatically set the time zone in the workspace has been added. If enabled, the workspace automatically detects and sets the time zone, and the user cannot change it. If the setting is disabled, the user can manually select the time zone. The selected time zone will always be used regardless of the user's system time zone. The workspace will no longer prompt the user to change the time zone if the system time zone changes.

Technical items

  • We switched the Autotask integration from the SOAP API to the REST API. You don't need to make any changes to the existing configurations.
  • When automatically configuring OAuth2 single sign-on, the workspace will now directly configure the UPN claim so guest users can directly log in without making additional changes.


  • Server-side validation messages were not shown in the announcement composer.
  • After discarding a draft email response in the Email app, the email to which you were responding was no longer selected.
  • The Edit tile sidebar did not show server-side validation messages for pre-defined RSS feeds.
  • The table view column filter icon could be highlighted while no filter was active.
  • Long section titles were not ellipsed in the Address book.
  • Long branding names were not ellipsed in the Branding settings.
  • The close menu button was not working in the responsive menu for the insert table tool.
  • When you close the App store dialog, it would leave the workspace edit mode.
  • An infinite busy indicator was shown when a user tried to edit a knowledge item with a linked SharePoint document when SharePoint was disabled.
  • Mobile push notifications were sent for new emails.


  • Improved the user experience of the Manage spaces sidebar.
  • Hub items and categories can now be managed from the Hub itself. A "Manage" button has been added to the actionbar of the pages in The Hub. The Hub item management pages are removed from the workspace settings.
  • The styling of the list items in the product is improved and made consistent.