Release notes Workspace 365 v4.10.0


The release of Workspace 365 v4.10.0 was deployed on 6-6-2024. ​Here are the release notes for this version:



  • For hybrid events in The Hub, the Attend button provides two options: "Attend online" and "Attend physically". The Attendees dialog shows who is attending online and who is attending physically. For existing hybrid events, all current attendees attend online. When changing the event type (e.g., from "Hybrid" to "Online"), all attendees receive an activity and are transferred to the new event type.
  • The Video option in the Hub composer no longer has a text area where users can insert embed code or HTML. Instead, it contains an input field where users can simply paste YouTube or Vimeo URLs. To still be able to add embed code, an option called "Embed" has been added to the composer. All existing (video) embedded content has been transferred to the Embed option.
  • We now support PowerPoint and Excel templates configured in SharePoint in the Documents app.

Technical items

  • We added "" as the default frame-ancestor in preparation for the domain migration by Microsoft.    
  • Temporary passwords requested via "Request Emergency Admin Access" are now valid for 15 minutes.


  • Unsupported images (e.g., file size too large) were still displayed in the Hub template composer.
  • Appointments without a subject would cause the Calendar app to report an error.
  • Creating a shareable link for a file whose name or the parent folder contained a "#" symbol was impossible.
  • The appointment details dialog in the Calendar app would close when the appointments were updated (every few minutes).
  • When duplicating a section of an existing Hub item, the content would be saved incorrectly.
  • When creating a new announcement category from the Hub composer, the newly created category would not automatically be selected in the category dropdown.
  • The date displayed in the mobile birthday notifications would not be in the user's configured culture.
  • Creating a shareable link of a file with read-only permissions would result in a 500 error.
  • When creating a shareable link to a file for specific people, you would get a link that downloads the file instead of opening it.
  • Deleting a SharePoint folder containing an opened file would result in a 500 error.


  • A larger search/filter bar is used in the left slider dialogs.
  • Action list items in the responsive menu no longer have spacings on the sides.
  • It's possible to delete the Uncategorised category for announcements in The Hub.
  • We switched the Calendar app integration from using the EWS API to the Microsoft Graph API. The functionality of the new implementation is more in line with Outlook. Previously, full access permissions were required to view appointments of shared calendars in the Calendar app. From now on, appointments can be viewed if you have lower permissions. All currently enabled calendars in the Calendar app will be turned off except the primary calendar. Furthermore, tab configuration has been removed for the Calendar live tile, and all available calendars are shown in the tab menu.
  • The sidebar of the dialog contains the new expand/collapse button, which is already used for the global navigation sidebar. Furthermore, the spacing in the content section has been changed.