Request Emergency Admin Access

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If your SSO configuration has expired, you can no longer log in to the workspace. In such an event, you can request emergency admin access. You will receive a one-time password to set up SSO. In this article, we explain how.



Emergency admin access can be requested by any administrator that is active in the workspace. This account must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Azure Global Admin permissions
  • A valid Exchange license assigned
  • A mailbox enabled with sufficient space
  • Self-hosted? Make sure the SMTP-server is configured correctly, otherwise you may not receive the email at all


Request Emergency Admin Access

  1. Follow Manual setup of SSO until step 4 to ensure you have an SSO app registration and valid client secret. Once you reach step 4, return to this article but keep Manual setup of SSO open
  2. Navigate to the following URL:
  3. Enter the email address of the admin account
  4. You will receive an email to confirm the temporary password request, open the link to receive a second email with your temporary password and the link to the emergency admin access page
    • If either email does not arrive within 30 minutes, check your Junk, Spam and/or Quarantine
    • Email not received? As an alternative you can use our SSO tool or API, as explained in this article: Reset SSO
  5. Click the link and log in with the email address you provided and the temporary password
  6. The following page will appear:
  7. Click Configure single sign-on
  8. Return to step 4 in Manual setup of SSO to reconfigure SSO

SSO is now reconfigured and users should be able to sign in again