Email templates (ENG)

You can use these email templates to inform your team about their new adaptive digital workplace.

In Word: email templates


Email 1: Workspace 365 introduction template


To all employees:

I am pleased to announce that you will soon have access to your own Workspace.

As a company, we have decided to use this powerful workspace to simplify work processes and collaboration, which will result in saving time and thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

In the next few weeks, you will learn a lot more about your new workspace and what it can offer you. In addition to this, you will be informed about the timeline of this project.

We will guide everyone through this whole process.                     

If you have questions about Workspace 365 or the preparation of the launch, do not hesitate to contact [Success Owner name/phone/ email].

I am sure you will appreciate Workspace 365!



Email 2: Countdown to Workspace 365 template


To all employees:

The launch of Workspace 365 is just around the corner! Soon you will have the opportunity to use this powerful workspace for all your work processes.

If you have questions about the workspace or what the launch will look like, please contact [Success Owner name].

Kind regards,

Email 3: Launch Workspace 365 template 


To all employees:

On the [date] the workplace will go live! Of course, training is also planned on [date]. If you cannot attend, please let us know [Success Owner name] and we will immediately schedule a new time.



Email 4: Follow up days


Dear colleagues,

Hopefully you have been enjoying your workspace.

For the people who have questions, want extra training or help follow up days have been arranged on [dates]. Please let [Champion] know if you’re joining.



Email 5: Feedback request


Dear colleagues,

Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to integrate Workspace into your daily activities. If this is the case, then you know that this beautiful workspace can simplify many processes.

Now that you have been using the workspace for a while, we would like to receive your feedback. We’d appreciate it if you can spare a few minutes to complete the feedback form. Perhaps we can make the workspace even better based on your feedback.

Thanks again for the cooperation.