Troubleshooting the file server (WebDAV SSL)

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Due to a change from Microsoft you may experience issues with opening files when using "Basic Authentication". As a workaround you can set a policy as described here: Basic authentication sign-in prompts blocked. Our Development team is looking into an alternative solution.


This article will help you on your way if you can't set up the connection to the file server, or when you're having issues like accessing the file server and opening files.

Basic troubleshooting

Before you begin with troubleshooting, please make sure that you have read the:

Can you access the file server outside the scope of Workspace 365?

  1. Make sure you can log in and access the URL through Windows Explorer. 
    • If not, please check WebDAV settings.
  2. Make sure you can log in and access the URL through an internet browser.
    • If not, please check WebDAV settings

In Workspace, did you set up the connection to the file server correctly?

  1. Is the WebDAV URL correctly configured in Workspace?
    • Check the WebDAV URL in the Workspace environment.
  2. Can't access the file server (credential error)?

Do you experience issues with opening files?

  1. Unable to open WebDAV files in Local Editors, but they can be opened in Online Editors?
    • Remove any spaces from the WebDAV URL.
  2. Unable to open WebDAV file in the Online Editors?
    • To open files with the Online Editors, the Office Online Server (OOS) is required. End users will need at least Microsoft 365 E3 or Microsoft 365 Business Premium license.
    • Self-hosted partner? Please refer to the article: Configure OOS & WOPI domain/URL.


When troubleshooting the file server, both the Workspace logs and the IIS logs can be helpful. A few errors have been highlighted under the section "error messages & solutions". 

  • IIS Logs: IIS logs are stored on your WebDAV server, generally under %SystemDrive%\inetpub\logs\LogFiles. If you need to contact support about WebDAV issues, please include the relevant IIS logs.
    • Do note that we may be limited to what extent we can provide support, as WebDAV/IIS is not a Workspace 365 product.
  • Workspace logs: if you host Workspace 365 yourself, please refer to the Log files article about where to find the Workspace logs. Hosted partners and customers cannot see Workspace logs, please contact support if you need help.

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Error messages & solutions

"Most likely, your password or username is incorrect. Other reasons might be that you don't have permissions or the folder does not exist"

Explanation: this in an error message generated in the workspace environment and can occur when you click on folders that consume a lot of space (e.g. 22k+ files with a total size more than 80 GB). This is due to a client limit.

Solution: change the value "FileAttributesLimitInBytes" in your registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters\.

Ref.: You can't access a WebDAV Web folder from a Windows-based client computer.


Status code: MethodNotAllowed

Explanation: this error is most likely caused by firewall settings.
Solution: please check if the connection is blocked by the firewall.


Status code: RequestEntityTooLarge

Explanation: the folder/file size exceeds the limit. 
Solution: increase the threshold file size limit in WebDAV, but be aware of the limitations


Forbidden characters in file names

Explanation: there are some IIS character restrictions in file names. This is a limitation in WebDAV.
Solution: avoid using these characters in Workspace: %, &, +. 


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