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Search through your entire Workspace

Manual search is something of the past. Instantly find whatever application or information you’re looking for with the new global search functionality.

With this new search bar in the header of your Workspace you search through your entire Workspace, including the contents of all your documents. When you’re for instance searching for HR documents, such as policies on how to request leave, you can simply type in “leave request” and it will search for the documents that contain those terms.


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Instant access to full-page apps

The search function also enables you to quickly open your web content applications on a full page, without having to add the app in question as a header tab to your Workspace. Think for example of your dashboards with statistics, calendars, video playlists and much more. This is especially useful for applications that are convenient to view on an entire page, but are not used so often that you need them to be accessible from the header. This will prevent you from having too many apps as tabs, but will still allow you to quickly access your apps when you need them.

This will bring the right information and applications immediately to you, without you having to search for it yourself, saving you significant amounts of time each day. In the near future we will also add the possibility to search through contacts, emails and announcements.

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Global Search

It's possible to search by category:

  • Top
  • Apps 
  • Email
  • Files
  • Folders
  • People

For example: when you type “Word”, you can either open the Word application or a specific file containing that same search term. Based on your preference for opening Office documents, documents shown in the Global Search will open with that same preference. The same goes for the search term "Documents": not only will you have the option to navigate to the Documents page (app source), but it will also show all files containing the word “Document” (files source).

In the Top result, we show a maximum of three items per category. For the other categories, there is a maximum of ten. 

Files are retrieved from SharePoint. At this stage, file server is not supported.
You can open items in the current window or a new one, based on what has been configured in the App store.

When searching for SharePoint files, an icon or image will be shown as a preview.


Before the search behavior was based on the principle "contains". Since the newest update of the Workspace (V3.25) we don't search "in content" anymore, but only based on title. However, we're looking into a solution to make both options available (e.g. search "without content" and "with content").

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