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Troubleshooting SharePoint

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Sometimes we receive questions that users cannot see certain sites and/or libraries within the Documents app. This guide explains how Workspace tries to read out SharePoint permissions and how to troubleshoot these issues.


How does Workspace read the permissions?

You can set permissions in SharePoint via two ways:

  • Permissions per site/branch of the SharePoint hierarchy (common via regular permission structure)
  • Direct permissions to a document library, folder and/or files (common via sharing)

When you assign permissions to SharePoint sites, you usually have read permissions on the whole path of the hierarchy of that specific site. This way you can browse through the hierarchy within SharePoint and navigate to other sites/document libraries. 

When you share documents and/or files, you grant permissions to that specific document library, folder and/or file and its children. Within SharePoint you can easily access the files, but not the complete path

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Difference Workspace vs. SharePoint

SharePoint search

In Workspace, we search for all site collections and sites for the signed in user via the following search query:

"STS_Site" AND webtemplate<>"SPSPERS"

For a specific site, use following search query:

contentclass:STS_Site Path:{SiteCollection.URL}*

It can occur that a site is listed in SharePoint, but is not available in Workspace. If so, open the SharePoint root site and use the following search query:

"STS_Site" AND webtemplate<>"SPSPERS"


  • Site not listed? Then it's not being indexed by the SharePoint Search. Therefore, there is no possible way for us to list the site. Please re-index the site manually or wait for it to be indexed automatically.
  • Site listed? Please make sure the user has all the permissions for the SharePoint site.


Permissions in Workspace are built differently than in SharePoint. If we need to list the whole path to a document/library, you need at least read permissions on the parent items.

If you share a Workspace link directly to a user, this user will be assigned unique permissions to that specific item. They will never be able to browse to the item themselves. However, for instance when a folder or file has been shared directly, the user will see this under My Documents -> Shared with me.

We recommend to give users permissions from top to bottom, so from the Root URL to the Document library. Workspace needs the user to have at least read permissions on the whole path.


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Sites names not up to date or missing in Workspace

You can check which sites are available to you as an administrator or a specific signed in Workspace user via the:

In some cases, disabling Faster Loading Experience may resolve the issue.

If site names are not up to date in the MS Graph Explorer, Workspace will not be updatet with the name names either.


File couldn't be found

When a file name has been changed and a user wants to open the file after the name change, Workspace will still search for the old file name. This will result in an error for the user: "file couldn't be found". 
The workaround at this moment is to refresh the page manually, so that the file name change will go through and the file can be opened. 

SharePoint vs. Teams groups

When a user is added to a SharePoint group, the user is added to the corresponding SharePoint site. It doesn't take long for Workspace to detect these changes and sites are visible in Workspace within (give or take) 20 minutes. Adding users to Teams sites however, takes much longer as this is based on Microsoft 365 groups, and you may have to wait up to 24 hours for Workspace to detect the site.
Private channels will show up as a separate site in the Documents app.
Site missing after 24 hours? Go to the created Teams site and click 'Files'. Then, wait for Workspace to detect the site.

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Failed to load documents (5000 items threshold)


In SharePoint there is an item list threshold, which is 5000 items. This threshold refers not to how many documents your libraries can store, but how many documents they can display at any one time. This is why Workspace may fail loading your SharePoint files, because no view of your SharePoint document libraries can show more than 5000 items at any one time. So, the 5000-item threshold is going to have more of an impact on your ability to browse, search, and find documents than on your ability to store them. Click here for more information.

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Slow file transfer

Copying folders may take a long time (or nothing seems to happen at all), even when they are empty or don't contain much data. So how come? Workspace checks after 30 seconds if SharePoint has made any changes. When this is not the case, we check again after 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. with a maximum of 5 minutes.

A solution to this problem is to manually refresh the page (or clicking around in de Documents app and return to the file location).

So why can't Workspace refresh the page automatically for example every 5 seconds? This is because it may cause problems. When a user renames a file, it can be troublesome when the page refreshes during renaming the file. And as a consequence, the name change didn't go through. 

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