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Troubleshooting email

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This article will help you to troubleshoot problems in regard to email. When available, always check the Workspace error logs for more information.


Why do we use integration credentials?

Workspace uses oAuth2 configuration to enable SSO. This makes it possible to retrieve user data from Azure AD, such as Exchange Online information, without further configuration. However, to an On-Premise Exchange environment we cannot connect via oAuth2. Therefore we use integration credentials. Enabling the integration credentials while trying to connect with Exchange Online, you will run into an error.

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UPN vs. primary SMTP address

Workspace checks for the user's UPN and not the primary SMTP address. We recommend to keep these equal to each other. If this is not the case, add the mailbox from the email app under "managed mailboxes" and use this as the "default send address". Otherwise you can make use of the integration credentials. The user will have to fill these in manually, before they can access Exchange.

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"Unable to connect to Exchange Online/Office 365"

When Exchange Online is used and the integration credentials are enabled, the following error message will appear: "Unable to connect to Exchange". Only use the integration credentials in case of an On-Premise Exchange. 



Detect (Autodiscover)

When clicking on "Detect", the Exchange server URL is retrieved automatically from Office 365. After enabling Exchange from the Workspace settings (Integrations > Exchange settings), the URL should be filled in automatically. In case of an On-Premise Exchange, fill in the URL manually and click on "Done" (using Autodiscover will result in an error). 

We recommend filling in the Exchange server URL manually and click on "Done" afterwards.

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"Unknown error during retrieval of unread messages"

This error can be related to an issue with OAuth2, e.g. when integration credentials are being used when they should be disabled. Always make sure the appropriate API permissions for Exchange are granted in Azure AD (with admin consent) and, when available, check the Workspace error logs for more information.


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"You're email has not been configured"

After migration from On-Premise to Exchange Online, users will have to fill in their credentials once (there is no other workaround for this). This is due to the fact that Exchange already has been configured once before/written in a database. By filling in the credentials, users can reconnect to Exchange Online. Make sure the integration credentials are disabled. 

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